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Bloomsburg University does an excellent job at providing unique and exquisite cuisines to satisfy anyones taste buds. Everyday Bloomsburg Commons provide not only fresh food but delicious food. Below is a list of 4 of the most mouth-drooling foods Bloomsburg university offers.

Ice Cream

The Scarton Commons carries over 10 flavors of homemade ice-cream that is to die for. The creaminess of the ice cream and the unique flavors that have made the ice cream addicting. To top it off, they even have a topping bar.Oh, yeah you read that right. UNLIMITED TOPPINGS! Ice-cream? More like ” I scream, you scream, we all scream FRESHMAN FIFTEEN.”

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Pasta Bar

Bloomsburg Commons does not mess around when it comes to one of the best pasta bars in town. Every day there are new toppings, fresh topping and different sauces to create your one-of-a-kind meal. What’s the best part of the pasta bar? Someone cooks the whole meal, right infant of your eyes – hot and delicious.

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Apple Cider

During the fall, Bloomsburg has unlimited apple cider and there is nothing better than a refreshing, crisp cup of apple cider. Imagine the taste of a fresh cup of apple cider, and the cinnamon undertones – yum!

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Homemade Donuts

Bloomsburg does not just have donuts, they have “the donuts.” The donuts you dream about, the donuts that you crave – the best donuts. Everyday the cooks create fresh donuts and add unique flavors to the icing. For example, they may have a recess pieces donut ones day and then the next day serve a coconut donut.

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Above is a list of 4 foods, but don’t worry there are plenty more delicious foods Bloomsburg offers! From unique entrees to desserts, there is always something that will satisfy your hunger!


Casey Superfine