Every student has to take general education requirements in order to graduate, but there are various options that a student at Bloomsburg University could choose. For example, a student could enroll in English 101 with a professor that emphasizes the use of technology or one that prefers the “old fashion” way of teaching involving reading and writing. Bloomsburg University has a wide range of classes that will not only allow a student to fulfill their requirements, but also enroll in a class that interest the student greatly.

Dinosaurs -EGGS103

Every child has played with dinosaur toys when they were younger and pretended that the T-rex was attacking the Stegosaurus. Who can blame a child for wanting to play with one of the most interesting animals to walk to the planet? Although students at Bloomsburg University are not considered children, they can enroll in an EGGS class called Dinosaurs.  This class not only allows you to learn about the history of your favorite childhood toy, but it also allows you to fulfill your general education requirements.

Invert Zoology -Biology 211

Although this is a science class, this class is not like the rest. Instead of reading from the text book 24/7, this is a hands-on class in which you will examine different animals and study their different functions. But that is NOT what makes this class so special. If you take Invert Zoology, one of their requirements is to go on field trips. The trips include visiting the Marine Science Consortium and  Wallops Island in VA.  Who wouldn’t want to go on these awesome trips?

Stage Makeup- Theatre 370 

If you enjoy makeup, never less art; this is the class for you. Stage Makeup teaches you the basic skills you would need to transfer someone’s appearance into various looks. A lot of theatre majors take this course, but this class is open to all!

Marriage and Family-SOC 231

Maybe you thought you met the love of your life, want to make sure? Take this class to learn about how different social institutes and structures can affect ones relationship. No, this is not like Tinder or Bumble. This class is will impact you in various ways and teach you the science side of a positive marriage.

Bloomsburg University offers various classes for all interest. Above is a list of  only 4 out of the dozens of unique courses a student could enroll in. Look around on MyHusky.com to see what classes are right for you and talk to your advisor to see what classes correspond with your requirements.

Casey Superfine

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