Every student wants to succeed on an exam, but often times it can be overwhelming to study for a psychology exam. Students struggle because they are used to finding the “x” in the equation. In psychology there isn’t an “x” to solve for, but rather various viewpoints to consider. Read more to find out 5 different ways you can study to succeed on a Psychology 101 Exam.

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1. Textbook Technique

Although many students dread even looking at their 500 pages textbook that weighs more than they do, textbooks can be super helpful. When studying for an exam, students should not only read the textbook, but annotate. Annotating consist of highlighting, note taking and thoroughly reading through the textbook. This studying style allows you to better retain information and understand it, because you are taking notes in your own style. If a student is told to read 30 pages, often times their focus will drift after 15 pages, but annotating allows the reader to stay focused through their readings.

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2. Notecards

Many students resort to notecards because it is a technique used to “quiz” themselves. However, not everyone knows the best approach to using notecards. Notecards should only have a limited amount of words on them, not paragraphs. When you put too much information on a notecard, it makes it harder to retain the information. Keep your notecards short and focused.

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3. Sing It

For some, the traditional study techniques won’t work, but trying the “sing it” strategy may be a good option. Everyone has a favorite song or maybe a song that always seems to get stuck in their head. Well there’s a way to combine your favorite song and studying. Basically, it’s making a cover for the song and using the same rhythm but changing the words to the topic you are studying. For example, you could choose the song Jingle Bells and replace the words with the part of the brain. This strategy will not only allow you to study in a unique way, but have fun when doing it.

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4. OneClass

This is one of the best tools out there for success and super-easy to use. This website allows you to view notes online for YOUR PERSONAL CLASS. It’s easy as pie: log in and search up your class and bam, the notes are right there in front of you.  When it’s finals time, chances are you can access a study guide online too!

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5. Note taking 

This is hand down the most important element for success on your exam. But in order to take notes, you MUST attend class. Often, a teacher will either give a study guide that has some of the material on the exam or no study guide at all – that is why note-taking is so essential. Make sure your notes are clear, precise and accurate! When studying, go over your notes numerous times and make sure you not only know the terms as definitions, but know enough to apply them to examples.

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Everyone studies differently and there are hundreds of different approaches to study, but these are 5 of the most well-known and beneficial ways to study. You can even combine numerous steps together to ensure getting a good grade!


Casey Superfine

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