Dorms are not suppose to be your forever home, but a temporary living space that you share with a roommate.For many students at Bloomsburg University, sharing a bedroom may be a new way of living. Some will love sharing a communal space with someone else, and some may not. No matter is you enjoy sharing a room with someone or not, every student at Bloomsburg University agrees on these 4 things about Bloomsburg’s Dorms.

1. The endless hike to class

If you’re a freshmen student at Bloomsburg University, you most likely live in Montour, Luzerne or Elwell. Even though not all freshmen live in the same dorm, everyone knows that the freshmen dorms are the farthest place on campus from everything. But there is a benefit, at least freshmen are closer to Town for late night pizza

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2. Temperature

Every student knows that they can always count on the dorms for being warm, but  the issue is that the buildings can feel like the Sahara some days.The good news is most dorms have a window to help cool the rooms down.

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3. Talking

If you are not a social person in the morning, get us to becoming on. Now that you live in the dorms, there will always be people around you trying to say hello and make conversation. On the upside, you always have someone to talk to and you’ll never get lonely!

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4. Activities

The wonderful CA’s in the dorms always have fun activities planned every month. Some examples include schedule organizers, decorating stockings, painting pumpkins, free food and more! There is always something exciting to look forward to!

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There are endless benefits to living in the dorms at Bloomsburg University! From friends, activities, location and more, Bloomsburg Dorms are a 10/10 even with the temperature!

Casey Superfine

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