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Finals are known for late nights, excess amounts of caffeine and a week or two full of persistent stress and mental breakdowns – but it doesn’t need to be that way. Although finals can be stressful, follow these 4 steps to reduce some of these stressors during finals week at Bloomsburg University.


Although it can be hard to realize in the moment, grades do not define you. If you stress yourself out too much, you will end up hurting yourself more than helping. Make sure to breathe in and out and stay calm. The more you stay calm, the better state of mind you will be in going into your final. Even taking a walk around the quad will allow you to breathe in some fresh air and take a break from studying.

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Pace Yourself

Make sure to pace yourself, but not cramming everything into one night. Grab a planner and space out everything you have to do. For example, one night do math and the next day review history. One of the greatest things Bloomsburg offers to students is free printing ( up to 500 pages). If you go online to Bloomsburg website you can print out the academic calendar to stay on track with everything!

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Many students try to stay up past 2 A.M. studying, but forget that sleep is essential for the brain to function at it’s highest capacity.  Without sleep,  students will forget more information and most likely perform poorly on their exams. Don’t just set an alarm clock for waking up, set one for going to sleep!

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Every few hours, you should take a break and bring out some kind of relaxing activity. You are human and humans can only retain so much information, it is important to make sure to take time for yourself too. For example, many students find working out at the Rec-center to be a nice stress reliever! Also, the gym is right next to the library, so it makes it even easier!

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Finals may seem like the end of the world, but they are not. Your grades do not define you and it is important to remember that. Remember these four tips and they should help to alleviate the stress from finals week!





Casey Superfine

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