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College is a whole new experience for everyone. Doesn’t even matter if you’ve traveled the world, attended overnight camps – college, is a new experience. The first week of college for most is a culture shock. For the first time, you are surrounded by thousands of students from thousands of miles apart and for some, it is the first time being away from home.

Eating Alone

A lot of students come into college and feel that eating alone is the worst thing to ever happen, but in the end everyone does it. For many students, their friends’ schedules will never be the same, so everyone must eat at different times. Never be scared to eat alone, because we have all been there. By the first week of classes, you will most certainly see dozens of students at Commons eating alone!

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A large majority of students at Bloomsburg University love to nap. Although it may seem abnormal  to nap in between a 2 P.M. class and a 4:30 P.M. class – it’s totally normal. Who can blame students when they are constantly working so hard? Many students find that naps are beneficial because it helps to rejuvenate their energy level between classes.


If you’re a picky eater, that will most likely change by the end of your first semester. The food at Bloomsburg University is good, but it is not your mom’s homemade casserole. At first, the food may be hard to adjust to, but overtime it will get easier. It can be an adjustment, but it can also be neat to try different kinds of foods and expand one’s taste palette.

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Everyone at Bloomsburg is super-friendly, so walking to class you will probably run into someone you know! At first, it may seem peculiar that a guy in your math class is saying hello to you after one class, but as a freshmen you realize, everyone at Bloomsburg is just that friendly! From clubs to even classes, everyone at Bloomsburg will great you with a smile!

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Staying Up Late

Remember in middle school when you thought that staying up past 11 P.M. was the hardest thing in the world? On average, many student will stay up past 1 A.M every night, although this is an adjustment the first few weeks – by the end of the semester, it feels utterly normal. The first few weeks may be hard to get use to, but most certainly your body will adjust to a new sleep cycle.

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The first few weeks of your freshmen semester can be very hard, but by week 3 – you will get the swing of things. College is a new and exciting place! It is important to test the water and try new things! Although Bloomsburg University can be intimidating by the large amount of students, everyone at Bloom knows what it is like to be a new student and will tell you to keep an open mind!


Casey Superfine

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