10 smart phone apps business owners should use

There are many apps that can make the life of a college student much easier. These apps range from keeping track of your grades to meeting new people to shopping for things that you need. At Bloomsburg University there are many apps that are popular with students for these reasons and more. Listed below are the ten most useful phone apps that Bloomsburg students using.

1. Venmo

College is filled with late night food runs, but what do you do when you’re without cash?  Splitting the bill too complicated?  Want to buy a t-shirt?  A common phrase you’ll hear at Bloom is “I’ll Venmo you!”  Venmo is a certified app (yep, it’s safe) that allows you to send money to each other from your card.  You can transfer the money directly into your account without any fees.

2. GroupMe

Once you’re accepted to Bloomsburg, you’ll see immediately on the accepted students Facebook page people setting up groupmes. GroupMe allows large group chats, providing a way to meet new people without giving out your cell phone number or adding people on Facebook.  The app allows you to pause notifications as well.  Use this to get to know new people and see if they want to hang out and do anything!

3. Bloomsburg University Mobile

Most professors at Bloomsburg use an online website called BOLT to keep track of grades, post due dates for assignments and post tests and quizzes. This website is essential for students to stay up to date in their classes. The Bloomsburg University Mobile app has a direct connection to reach BOLT, along with connections to student resources, the course catalog to sign up for classes, information on faculty and staff and more. The app is an easy way to stay connected to the Bloom websites.

4. EatStreet

Find restaurants near Bloomsburg and check out the menu directly from this app. There are so many places to eat at in Bloomsburg, and this app can help you search for what food you want to eat. Whether it’s pizza, sandwiches, Chinese or anything else, this app can help you find them.

5. Wish

Low on money? Love online shopping? Check out Wish. Wish is an online shopping app where you can purchase anything for a very cheap price. There is a wide selection of dorm decorations and party clothing!

6. Amazon

Going along with quick and easy shopping, the Amazon app allows you to search for a wide variety of things. Most importantly, students get six months of Amazon Prime free! Many Bloom students use this to order textbooks and have them delivered fast.

7. OneClass

OneClass is a great website for students to use because it provides you with solutions to textbook homework problems that teachers assign. Tutors are online to answer any questions you have regarding the problems so it makes learning the material easy. This app makes your studying time much more effective!

8. Mail.Ru

Mail.ru is a great app to organize emails.  Its setup is much nicer than Apple’s mail app, and you can include several different email boxes into it. This is going to be essential, not only for classes, but also for clubs, internships and potential jobs. Use this to get notifications for new emails from teachers and organizations and keep track of new opportunities.

9. EasyBib

No matter what major you’re in, there’s going to come a time when you have to write a paper, and with that comes researching the topic. As everyone learned in high school, you will have to make citations for those sources. However, sometimes teachers will have you use a citation format that you may not be familiar with. Teachers can deduct lots of points if you make incorrect citations. Having the Easy Bib app will help you make certain your citations are correct by providing you with the rules for each citation type and give you examples of correct ones.

10. Snapchat

This is the one app that almost everyone at Bloom has. People use it all the time to communicate with each other. It’s so easy to get other people’s Snapchat accounts (easier than exchanging phone numbers), and so it’s a great way to stay in touch with new people you meet.

There are other apps out there that can also be useful for students, but at Bloomsburg University, these apps are the most popular. Whether you need help meeting and staying in touch new people, keeping track of your academics, studying or buying cheap things, these apps have you covered!


Patrick Scubelek

Environmental Biology major at Bloomsburg University

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