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10 Bloomsburg University Buildings You Need to Know

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Patrick Scubelek
One of the first things that people coming to the Bloomsburg University campus note is that it is so beautiful and nicely laid out. The education buildings look spectacular, the service buildings are within walking distance, and the residential buildings have the pleasantly cozy look that will make you feel right at home. These buildings hold a lot of significance in them and have many interesting facts. To that end, here are the 10 buildings to know about at Bloomsburg University.

1. Carver Hall Carver Hall of Bloomsburg University, at the front of the university.

This is probably the most iconic building at Bloomsburg University. Built in 1869, it's situated right at the front of the University and holds the office of the president of the university. Most notable is the fact that it is included in the National Register of Historic Places and that it holds the Kenneth S. Gross Auditorium where students can watch various performances, shows and listen to visiting speakers from around the world. The famous golden light at the top of the building shines brightly at night, guiding students back to the university after a night on the town.

2. Andruss Library The front of Andruss Library at Bloomsburg University.

Andruss Library is located at the end of the academic quad and is the quiet haven for students looking for a nice place to study. With four floors, multiple computer labs, over 700 desks and many study rooms, it makes for the ideal spot to study and relax. Additionally there is a Starbucks on the ground floor, perfect for students needing refreshment while staying at the library for hours to work on homework and projects. Throughout the year students get to know the library very well, especially when finals come around and the building is packed with stressed-out students trying to study.

3. McCormick Center for Human Services McCormick Center for Human Services academic building of Bloomsburg University.

The McCormick Center for Human Services houses the communications department, the nursing department, the psychology department, the education department and a few others. This is also where the student radio station is located, and music plays over the speakers in the halls and at the entrance, playing to the students hanging out on the quad. Various students from different disciplines take classes here, and on a regular weekday it's teeming with bustle and activity. When looking for a class in this building, be warned: this place is a  labyrinth of non-orderly classroom numbers and small hidden-away classrooms, making it somewhat of a maze for those  not knowing where their class is.

4. Bakeless Center Front of the Bakeless Center at Bloomsburg University

This educational building houses many of the liberal arts offices such as English and writing, philosophy, political science and more. Important to note for this building is the fact that it houses the writing center where students may go to for help in revising and editing their papers. Also unique to this building is that most of its major classrooms are shaped in a sort of octagonal shape, making for an interesting layout. There is only one stairwell and elevator in the center of the building to get to the floor you need, but knowledgable students would use the more hidden stairwells at the ends of the building to avoid the mobs of students.

5. Hartline Science Center The entrance of the  Hartline Science Center of Bloomsburg University.

The Hartline Science Center is the educational building that houses the major science departments such as the biological and allied health sciences, chemistry, physics and environmental sciences. It is one of the most high-tech science centers in northeastern Pennsylvania. This complex building has many lab facilities on each floor and houses diverse equipment for each class. It is really attractive to the science major looking to learn the most about the sciences while also having the ability to use cutting-edge technology.

6. Sutliff Hall Sutliff Hall, home to the Zeigler College of Business

Sutliff Hall educational building is the place that houses the Zeigler College of business, where all the business, marketing, accounting and financial majors take classes. It was most recently renovated in 2012, upgrading its look on the inside to mimic that of a professional business building. The entrance hall has a WallStreet-inspired screen that tracks the markets, and there are many business meeting rooms scattered around the building. With all the renovations, the building is truly magnificent to be in.

7. Centennial Hall Centennial Hall of Bloomsburg University

The Centennial Hall educational building houses the college of liberal arts and has the audiology and speech pathology departments, the anthropology department, the speech and hearing clinics, and the exercise sciences. It was originally a gymnasium but had a major renovation in 2001 to turn it into a major academic building. Near the entrance to the building is a food vendor where you can get walking tacos, the perfect thing after a long day of classes.

8. Kehr Union Building The front of the Kehr Union Building at Bloomsburg University

The Kehr Union Building is one of the best places for students to get something to eat, watch television and hang out on campus. Situated in the center of the residential buildings, its location is perfect for students who want something quick to eat and meet up with friends. Also included here is the student health center, the multicultural center, the Husky Lounge, the interfaith services center, the community activities center and Greek life center. Whether you're hungry, bored, sick or want to watch a free movie, the Kehr Union is the place to go.

9. Warren Student Services Center The entrance to the Warren Student Services Center

The Warren Student Services Center is located right on the edge of the quad between the Hartline Science Center and the Bakeless Center. There are many different services inside for all students, including financial aid, career development, the office of diversity, admissions, international education and more. There's also a cafe that students can eat at in between classes. This multi-use building is very important no matter what year you are in.

10. Scranton Commons Dining Hall The inside of the Scranton Dining Hall at Bloomsburg University

The Scranton Commons Dining Hall is the main place to dine at Bloomsburg University. They have an all-you-can-eat buffet with lots of different foods, from grilled foods to salad bars to desserts. Every week they also feature different international foods that you can eat. Above all, however, is the fact that the food is really good! Many students who eat here from other schools say that it's much better than their schools food. No matter what kind of food you're looking for, Scranton Commons has what you need. Bloomsburg University has such a beautiful campus and great facilities for the student in any major. The history of these buildings is rich, and they accommodate all the student's needs. They have something for everyone's interest, so make the most of these facilities and you'll have a great time at college!

Interesting Facts about Bloomsburg University

1. Bloomsburg was originally a literary school Bloomsburg University, founded in 1839.

Bloomsburg University was founded in 1839 as a literary school, with its aim to teach students to read and write and give them a basic education. Additionally, it grew into one of the best schools for students learning how to teach. When it was founded, the college was comprised of a only a few buildings, and today it is a major university teaching many different disciplines.

2. Prestigious Nursing Program Nursing students walking from class.

Bloomsburg University is well known for its nursing program, and has been rated first in the commonwealth and 60th in the country. The department is very particular about who they let into the program, so it is important to have good credentials when applying for it. However, once in it you are taught by skilled professionals and can also take your clinical at the Geisinger Hospital located next to the university, making it very impressive to get a nursing degree from Bloomsburg.

3. Made List of Top Universities in North of Country Students going about their day at Bloomsburg University

Bloomsburg University made the list of top ten universities in the north region of the country in U.S. News and World Report’s annual rankings. This rating is based on the quality of education provided by universities. With all these great majors to choose from and all the skilled personnel at Bloomsburg University, it's easy to see why it's a top school.

4. 93% of Bloomsburg Faculty are Full-time Professors Darrin Kass, Shiloh Erdley and Mary Katherine Waibel-Duncan at Bloomsburg University

Unlike some other universities, Bloomsburg University's faculty is comprised of about 93% full-time faculty. While instructors at other schools may not be full-time professors, Bloomsburg makes a point of having classes taught by professional teachers. This leads to a better quality education for students and a better experience for personnel and students overall.

5. Bloomsburg is Ranked 5th Among 4-year Colleges Graduating Bloomsburg students at the graduation ceremony.

According to, Bloomsburg is ranked 5th among 4-year colleges based upon affordability, flexibility and student services. This was found from government data used to evaluate colleges and universities across Pennsylvania. With a school system that is relatively affordable and offers so much, Bloomsburg can appeal to many different kinds of students from all different backgrounds.


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