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10 of the Easiest Courses at Bond University

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Destiny Summers
College will be a place where you will experience a number of things, including stress. However, there are ways to improve your overall experience and decrease your stress levels. This includes taking easier courses. Below we have compiled a list of 10 of the easiest courses to take at Bond University.

1. BCDP02-102 - Leadership and Team Dynamics

This class is designed to allow students to build their communication skills so that they can be successful in a team setting or as a leader of the team. Topics to be discussed include personality, emotions, perceptions, and characteristics of a team player.The different traits a leader should have.

2. CRIM12-209 - Theories of Crime

This class is designed to help students learn about the many theories and models for crime. Topics to be discussed will be the history of criminology, crime ratios, and critical analysis of crimes.Handcuffs on the word crime.

3. ADVT12-242 - The Creative Process in Advertising and Marketing Communication

In this class, students will learn about the fundamental principles for creatively coming up with ads to market to the general public. Topics to be discussed include advertising campaigns, businesses, and the advertising industry.A depiction of the creative process.

4. BCDP02-001 - Communication Skills

Communication is important, especially when you graduate and search for a job. This class will touch on the basic concepts for communicating effectively and efficiently. Topics to be discussed include presenting, writing essays, reporting, and researching.Two people talking to one another.

5. BCAS01-020 - Academic Skills

Having the right study and academic skills is important in college if you want to succeed as a student. This class is designed to enhance study and homework habits that you already have. Topics in this class that will be discussed include protocols for referencing, essays, note-taking, and researching.A pencil shaped with the words related to academic skills.

6. BCDP02-006 - Principles of Economics

In this course, student sill learn about the principles of economics. Topics to be discussed include making a decision when it comes to finance, analyzing the benefits of your purchase, the global economy, public policy, and competitive marketers.A graph representing the economy.

7. GAME12-200 - Computer Game Culture and Audience

This class is designed to study computer game audiences. Students will analyze the culture of games and the relationship between them and game genres. Other topics to be discussed include social gamers, hardcore gaming, popular culture, and societies.A person playing a computer game.

8. JOUR11-100 - Writing for News Media

In this course, students will learn about writing for the news and other media outlets. Students will explore and analyze the fundamental practices of gathering information for news stories and news media. Students will also explore basic reporting skills.The different forms of social media.

9. BCDP02-004 - Entrepreneurship

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a creative idea? This course will allow students to learn about the principles of entrepreneurship. Topics to be discussed include making your idea a reality, business ventures, and developing your business team.The traits of an entrepreneur.

10. BMED11-203 - Cell Biology

Cell is the basis of life. This class will explore the role of the cell in all forms of life. Topics to be discussed include cell communication, cell division, cells in organs, organ systems, and cellular differentiation.A diagram of a cell.
College will be stressful, but with the right tools you will be able to go through the semester smoothly. Try taking some of the courses listed above so that you can improve and enhance your own experience.


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