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Top 10 BMCC Library Resources You Need to Know

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Students need many things during their quest for a degree, an adequate library being one of them. Libraries are great for a plurality of reasons, and that’s exactly what will be discussed in the following sections. If you’re  currently attending Borough of Manhattan Community College and looking for information regarding the multiple libraries on campus and the resources they offer students, then you should read through the following lists of libraries and library resources for Borough of Manhattan Community College.

1. Copying Stations

This is a copying station Copying things on your own is going to get expensive fast, which means it’s all but required that you use the copiers here. If you copy a lot, there’s a chance the library will expect some kind of minor compensation in return, but this will, in all likelihood, not amount to much.

2. IT Services

If your computer ever becomes unresponsive, these are the people you should take it to. A lot of students on campus have tech-related problems that they cannot fix themselves, which is why the university staffs all of its libraries with experienced IT people who will likely have your computer up and running quickly (if there’s not something majorly wrong with it).

3. Google Scholar

There are times at school where regular resources are just not going to cut it, and it’s in such times that Google Scholar is so essential. If you don’t like conducting research in the traditional way, try using this platform for a simpler research experience.

4. Printing Stations

This is a woman printing Printing homework and associated materials from a personal printer will become expensive in no time at all. In order to save time and money, try printing at one of the university’s libraries. Most of the printing done here is free or for an extremely low cost, which means you’ll be able to print out those multipage psychology reports without having to worry about the ink running out.

5. Expansive Collections

A library's expansive collection You’ll never be without the book you need or the reference you must cite when you are enrolled at this school. At the university library and all libraries affiliated with the school, the collections are expansive; you’ll never go without!

6. Reliable Wifi

This is a wifi symbol Are you looking for a place to study where the internet won’t cut out on you? If so, then you should make it a point to go to one of the several libraries located on campus. The wifi in these buildings is always exceptional regardless of how many people may be inside.

7. Exceptional Librarians

These are librarians What is a library without those trusty librarians who run it? Don’t ever hesitate to ask someone for assistance when you’re working here; the librarians will always be close by to help you!

8. Available Computers

These are computers in a lab Don’t own your own laptop? Then come to any of the libraries affiliated with this school. Students who are without their own personal computer never seem to have trouble finding space to work on a computer, even at peak library hours. There are MACs and PCs you can use.

9. Accessibility

This is a wheelchair ramp Those students and faculty who require special ways to access buildings will not find any trouble at this university. Wheelchair ramps and reliable elevators can be found in every library, which means they truly are made for everyone.

10. Private Study Space

This is a private study room Need to get away from friends and roommates to study? Is the regular library space still too noisy? Try renting out a private study room. Booking one isn’t hard: you can do it in person, over the phone, or online.

Libraries at Borough of Manhattan Community College

1. BMCC Library

An image from inside the library here If you have a big paper due soon, then there’s a good chance you’ll need some time to study. And if you’re looking for the best place to study on campus, this is it! The resources at this library will help you succeed in ways you weren’t even aware of.

2. City Hall Library

This is outside the library The libraries at this school are first-rate, though this one in particular stands above the rest. If you’re someone who has been looking for a place to get bundles of work done, look no further: this is the library you need to come to!

3. New York Law School Library

A segment from inside this library Sit down, relax, and enjoy a book or magazine in this spacious and newly renovated library. And if you need assistance with anything, there are always librarians close by, most of whom are friendly and very helpful.

4. New York Public Library - Chatham Square Branch

This is an image of the library's interior If you’re interested in older documents, this is the place you should visit. You never know what you might uncover with some good research. Also, the librarians here are very pleasant, which is always nice if you’re new to the library.

5. New York Public Library - Seward Park Branch

Bookshelves in this library Like most public libraries, this one offers a decent selection of books and references. If you’re looking to do some studying in an off-campus setting, this is the place you should go to. It’s pretty close to the main campus too! Now that you’ve reached the conclusion of this article, you have more information about the libraries affiliated with this school. Make good use of these libraries and all the resources within them, for doing so will put you on the path for academic success!


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