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10 Coolest Classes at Borough of Manhattan Community College

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The Borough of Manhattan Community College is a public two year community college located in New York City. With an enrollment of over 27,000 students, BMCC offers associate degrees in a variety of fields such as business, engineering, health, and education. Its students hail from over 100 countries and 2/3rds of the population is female. Here are 10 of the coolest classes at The Borough of Manhattan Community College.

1. LIN 250 - Linguistics and the Law

A linguist provides expert testimony in a trial.

Who would have thought linguists and lawyers would have something in common? This course explores the relationship between linguists and the law. Forensic linguists are highly sought after as expert witnesses in everything from murders to bank robberies. Students will learn about how they can determine handwriting and speech from ransom notes and voice recordings. It's an interesting class for anyone who wants to pursue a degree in both law and linguistics!

2. ACC 241 - Taxation: Federal

Uncle Sam reminds people to pay their taxes on time, every time.

You can't get out of paying federal taxes in most cases so you might as well learn how it's done. Student will learn about the federal tax laws and how to prepare their own taxes. One of the most important taxes to file is the income tax and student will have the opportunity to actually file a tax return. Students will also discuss withholdings and how to report taxes. All in all, this is a fundamental and useful class to take.

3. RTT 100 - Fundamentals of Respiratory Therapy

Doctors put a breathing mask over a patient.

Here's a class that can prove useful if someone collapses in front of you and is unable to breathe. This course introduces you to the basics of monitoring a patient's breathing including possible use of artificial ventilation, oxygen masks and medical gases. Students will learn how to operate breathing apparatus including oxygen tents, masks, flowmeters, and the very important oxygen supply. Hopefully you'll never have to use these skills but you'll be prepared if you should need to!

4. CIS 370 - Database Driven Web Programming

Screenshot of a database driven website calculating profits from sales.

Have you ever wanted to create websites that can interact with user databases? Well here is your chance! Students will have the opportunity to create websites that can dynamically interact with databases using SQL to query databases, HTML to create the user interface and programming languages such as Python and Java to connect the database and the user. Future web developers should take notice!

5. CHI 411 - Modern Chinese Film

An actress stars in a martial arts film set in China.

Have you ever taken a class where all you do is watch movies? This class will allow you to watch movies for an entire semester! Students will explore the role film plays in shaping Chinese culture in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong during specified time periods. Through these films, you will hopefully develop an appreciation for Chinese history and culture. All films and written work will e in Chinese so if you don't know any Chinese, you cannot take this course.

6. NUR 211 - Nursing Process: Obstetrical and Psychiatric Nursing care

A OBGYN checks for a heatbeat on pregnant woman's belly

This course teaches aspiring nurses about childbirth and care during the months leading up to and after childbirth. They will practice what to do in the case of normal and premature birth as well as how to help families through the process. In addition, students will learn about mental health interventions, what to do in domestic violence disputes, and substance abuse and treatment. The course is split between 7 weeks of maternal and newborn care and 7 weeks of mental heal nursing.

7. POL 476 - Thinking with the Greeks

Painting of Plato talking with Aristotle in "The School of Athens".

This unique course is offered during the summer where students get to go on a trip to Greece! Students will learn about ancient Greek thinkers such as Plato and Aristotle while exploring the city and witnessing the relevance of ancient Greece on politics and lifestyle. Students will have to read works by Plato and Aristotle when not out and about. It's a good course to take if you want to live history!

8. SOC 161 - Health Problems in Urban Communities

picture of an urban community in the slums

Urban communities are often lacking when it comes to health services. Students will examine the relationship between economics and healthcare including how healthcare is administered in urban communities. Communities often struggle to deal with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis and this course attempts to explain why education and prevention can help. Finally, what would a sociology course be without some guest lecturers? Learn from real people working to improve healthcare outside of the city!

9. MES 153 - Script Writing

Picture of Kit Harington across from toothless, the dragon from How To Train Your Dragon movies

This is an interesting course for potential movie directors! Students will get the opportunity to write treatments and scripts for both screen and studio following a three step process. Students will learn how to tell fact from fiction, how to develop characters and plot, how to write treatments and outlines, and how to write one and two column screenplays. In addition, students will be graded on how well they can critique another student's work. It may sound difficult but maybe you have natural screen-writing talent in you!

10. LAT 128 - History of Puerto Rico: 1900 to Present

Painting of the US navy fight against the Spanish navy during the war that helped Puerto Rico gain independence.

Here's an interesting course focusing on the development of Puerto Rico from a Spanish colony to a US territory. Students will learn about the events that have shaped Puerto Rico to what it is today including the free association period. They will explore the issues surrounding current day politics regarding statehood and independence. If you like modern history, you'll enjoy this class!

Those were 10 of the coolest classes at The Borough of Manhattan Community College! Learn how to file your federal taxes or look at the history of Puerto Rico. Study abroad in Greece while learning about ancient Greek philosophers. Just don't stick to the same style of classes year after year!


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