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10 Buildings You Need to Know at Borough of Manhattan Community College

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Lauraanna Quinting

The Borough of Manhattan Community College is a public community college in New York City. A few notable alumni from this college are Queen Latifah and Cardi B. Here are 10 different buildings you need to visit at Manhattan Community College.

1. Early Childhood Center

 inside the childhood center classrooms

The early childhood center is used by students to allow their children to be watched while students go to their classes. The center is open to children who are between the age of 2-6 years old. This is an affordable way for students to get reliable childcare.

2. Fiterman Hall

 front outside view of fiterman hall

Fiterman Hall has a fine arts center and a cafe in it. It features 80 different classroom spaces as well as a library, conference center, and music ensemble rooms. The hall also has computer labs so students are able to do their homework here.

3. BMCC Fitness Center

This fitness center was built for the students that are looking to keep their physique as well as workout with friends. The center features a wide assortment of different machines and free weights that one can enjoy. You have free weights as well as bench presses and leg presses.

4. Shirley Fiterman Art Center

This art center is famous for having a wide variety of different and exciting contemporary art to showcase. The center is used as a historical place to visit when it comes to inspiration and technique. The art center is a great way for students to have options for a creative thing to do with their visiting friends and family.

5. Tribeca Performing Arts Center

 group of chairs around a stage

If you are in need of a good destresser or affordable entertainment in general then you will need to know about the Tribeca Performing arts center. The center has plenty of different events/topics and unique people sharing their stories. The events they hold are different and you could be watching a comedic play or even have a guest speaker come in.

6. Bookstore

 front view of a bookstore

The bookstore is where students find their textbooks. This is convenient because you don't have to wait for shipping times as well as you can get your books on the day of classes starting. The bookstore also features school spirited campus merchandise and clothing.

7. BMCC Express

outside view of the bmcc express

The Express is for those students who are prospective and are visiting. It is a great area for students and parents to gain reputable info on the different programs that are available. Make sure to stop by with all your pressing questions.

8. BMCC Single Stop

 a man showing up for bulk foods in a building

This building is the place to go to when you are struggling with hard times financially. The stop offers inexpensive services such as checkups. The single stop is especially booming with people asking for tips on driving. The single shop has tax services and more notably a food pantry.

9. Library

 outside level  of the library indoors

The library offers students many different resources to find the info they need for their homework. The library has hands-on capabilities to make sure that the class keeps students interested. The library has capabilities where to if the student cannot find the book they were looking for, the book from has an interlibrary loan meaning students can make getting homework done a breeze.

10. Learning Resource Center

 students reading books at the Learning Resource Center

The learning resource center is for students who have projects that are in need of a computer. There are plenty of computers to use as well as places to print so that it is hassle-free and doesn't charge as much as an outside company doing it. The resource center has all your internet needs.

Borough of Manhattan Community College is an affordable way for students to continue their education. The location makes it easy and convenient to find relative internship opportunities. The school has everything from music areas to cafe.


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