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Cafes and Restaurants for Students at Boston College

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Mariam Jabeen

The main aim of the Boston College dining services is to excel in quality and customer service. To further such aim, the college cafes of Boston believe in teamwork, creativity, and high-quality ingredients. According to them when these three aspects combine, delicious and appreciated food results.  So, let us now look at some of the college cafes at dining halls of the Boston University

1. The Carney's Dining Hall

seating of dining hall

The hall is present in the McElroy section of the college and provides scheduled menus that run from early morning to late night. The high ceilings and bright lighting create a fun-filled energetic and friendly environment in the dining hall. Within the dining hall, there are three prime eateries such as the Taqueria, Chestnut Hill Grill and Mozzarella's Italian cuisine.

These three college cafes provide a wide range of food from quesadillas, tuna and grilled steak sandwiches to pizza. Furthermore, the dining place has the newest additions where the stations offer gluten-free and low-calorie food. These additions include Plain n Simple and B n Green.

2. The Eagles Nest

A women is Selecting the finest quality fresh salad

It is in a place where the students can eat, drink, think and discuss academics. Although the place is a deli, its offerings are totally amazing. The place is best for those students who want to relax between in the classes' intervals or want to grab a quick bite on their rush. The yummy food combos with customized deli sandwiches, a bowl of soup and healthy salad will give students their required calories. The soups variety is subject to change on a daily basis.

3. Coro's café

pizza with tasty toppings

This college café specializes in the making of flatbread pizza and is present at the 3rd level of McElroy Commons. The energizing coffees and teas make the snacking experience at the café amazing. Moreover, frozen yogurts, ice-cream, and entrees are much-loved choices for the students.

When it comes to making your own pizza, the students can choose their toppings from the delicious and tasty choices.  You can opt for Screamin' Eagle, Gasson with chicken and buffalo ranch, Plex or the heavy mozzarella, pepper and tomato toppings.

4. The Chocolate Bar

the top view of the cafeteria

Everything in the Stokes Hall is chocolate. In fact, it is a sanctuary of finest quality coffee and teas. Furthermore, the chocolate bar also offers the students with energy filled iced teas, mocha with a caramel swirl, iced vanilla hazelnut latte, and a quick espresso. Alongside these drinks, they also offer tasty breakfast sandwiches and light lunch menus.

5. Lyons Hall and Welch Dining Room

Food counter of Lyons Hall

The students who are in a rush to reach their classes in the nick of time, the Welch dining room in the Lyon hall is the ideal place. There, they can quickly grab their food and gulp them down all the way to their commute.

6. Bean Counter in Fulton hall

Fulton Hall building

Built in 1947, this hall is a home place for Carol school of management. The bean counter in this hall is famous for serving freshly brewed coffee, cold beverages, chips and sandwiches of limited quantity.

7. Hillside Café

location of Hillside Cafe

This café is much-loved and mostly visited by the students. It is because its location is prime that is in the Maloney Hall that has crowded hallways and corridors. To satisfy the student's growling tummies, the café offers customized fresh hot sandwiches, Panini and classy deli wraps. The place also provides much-loved coffee of Starbucks.

Therefore with these classy and fine quality restaurants, the students will always find themselves full at the campus. Furthermore, with the college café's motive of never compromising on quality and new varieties in cooking, students have a wide range of food options.


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