Boston college

Boston College is a hard college to get into and has many difficult courses.

With its beautiful campus located just several miles outside Boston, D1 athletics, and reputation for producing “men and women for others,” Boston College has become one of the East Coast’s most famous universities. BC is known for more than just hockey, though. In fact, with an acceptance rate of just 30%, the school is renowned for its tough academics. Although students are sorted into one of four schools – Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, Connell School of Nursing, Lynch School of Education, or Carroll School of Management (ranked as one of the top business schools in the country) – Boston College students share a common devotion to academic excellence, even in the face of some seriously rigorous coursework. Here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at BC:

1. Organic Chemistry (CHEM332)

Part of the “chem-bio-calc” triad of horrors that most premed students take first semester, Org is likely your future least favorite class. If you can’t easily recite a three-page formula easily (and let’s be honest, who can), get ready to spend the rest of your foreseeable future on OneClass.

2. Financial Accounting (ACCT102)

My feeling is that most students take this class in the hopes they’ll miraculously get a position on Wall Street. However, the sad truth is that the only thing students in this class “get” is a swamp of material dense enough to put you to sleep.

3. Econ Stats (ECON115)

I wish I could say walking all the way to Merkert was the worst part of this class, but the fact is that these lectures are so dry they make the Sahara look like a rainforest.

4. Business Law (BSLW102)

Aspiring lawyers love to take this class in the hopes of getting some experience in legalese, and instead end up reading 100+ pages a night. Seems criminal to me.

5. PULSE (PHIL221)

Although it’s a nice way to be well on your way to completing the philosophy and theology core requirements, get ready for a serious time commitment if you choose this class. The 10 hours of required community service per week on top of all the philosophy reading can be a real struggle to handle, especially when your service placement has you taking the T into the city at 5 in the morning!

6. Molecules and Cells (BIOL200)

What’s stronger: your desire to become a doctor, or your aversion to Adderall-fueled all-night study sessions? Take this class to find out! Quite literally, this class has made some of my friends reconsider their premed track. Take that for what you will.

7. Multivariable Calculus (MATH220)

I don’t know about you guys, but I began to get lost in math the moment they started mixing letters with numbers. On that basis, this class is pure cruelty.

8. Quantum Physics II (PHYS440)

Come on, Quantum Physics TWO? Fairly certain most of us pale at the mere mention of the introductory course for this bad boy. I’ve heard from physics majors who say that this class is seriously tough. Unless you’re planning on following Stephen Hawking’s career trajectory, I would strongly recommend steering clear of this head-spinning class and saving yourself a lot of money on Red Bull.

9. Econ w/ Tresch (ECON113)

Professor Tresch’s Microeconomics is bound to leave you in tears. If you think you’ve had hard professors before, get ready to be taught by the guy who literally wrote the book on the subject. Opinion seems split on this class – as one of my friends put it, “Tresch is a shark in a sea of fish” – but love him or hate him, you can’t deny that his class is hard.

10. Chem w/ Wolfman (CHEM110)

When most of the class withdraws after the second midterm, you know you’re not dealing with an ‘easy A.’ As one friend told me, “The day I enrolled in Gen Chem is the day my GPA died.”



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