Boston College is one of the premier universities in the Northeast, and students here definitely have a plethora of shared experiences. If you’re experienced with the Jesuit school where Canada Goose jackets outnumber people, chances are you’ll get these references right away. Here are 10 Things Students Say at Boston College:

1. “You goin’ to the mods later brah?”

Pretty self-explanatory question underlying the urge to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a dark room and drink out of a communal handle of Rubi.

2. “Who do you know here?”

The age-old question used to weed out the randos (mostly freshman guys) who show up unannounced to parties on Lower.

3. “Rubinoff isn’t that bad”

This statement is simply false. Any cheap vodka that tastes like burnt plastic is that bad. 

4. “Is Ryles 21+ tonight?”

Every underage student without a fake ID has asked this at least once.

5. “Think there’s a free table in O’Neill?”

Around midterms season, there never is.

6. “Newton isn’t that bad, it’s just the bus”

This is the justification every Newton kid whips out to compensate for the fact he’s living five minutes away from anything relevant on campus.

7. “Are the slides online?”

Given the option, most students would rather not come to class. This is a fact of life.

8. “Did you do the reading?”

Another hallmark of your typical sleep-deprived, overinvolved BC student, the answer is usually “sort of.”

9. “I’d go to the Plex more if it weren’t so far away”

Nothing gets the blood flowing like a 15-minute walk down three flights of stairs in subzero temperatures.

10. “It’s JesuLIT”

Not even sure if this is a thing that all BC students say, but if I hear it one more time I might jump off Gasson.



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