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"Serial Tickler" Attacks Boston College Students

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Students studying at Boston College may have experienced one of the strangest events to occur on any university or college campus. Several students at BC have been woken up by a random man lurking at their bedside while tickling their feet. Students at Boston College have been warned to hide their kids and hide their wives because their is a serial tickler on campus. The Boston College Tickler has been spotted approximately 10 times near a popular area just off the Boston College campus. Boston Police Community Services Officer, Michael O'Hara made a statement ensuring the the serial tickler is real and still on the loose. He described the "Tickler" as a 5 foot 8 inch black male with dark clothing and a hoodie. One Boston College he woke up to his feet being tickled by the man, who had darted out of his apartment before the Boston College fully came to realize what was happening. Another students aw someone standing at the end of his bed, a month after his roommate had a similar encounter. The student recalls hearing "shuffling at the door to his room" and seeing "a man there in a Gator-style mask." Police currently have no photos or video of the alleged Tickler. But O'Hara has told students to take caution. "Absolutely students should be concerned," he said. "You don't know what this guy is going to do or if he has a weapon. You need to lock your doors. It's not as safe as you think." No valuables have been stolen. Students have asked for increased police protection around the Boston College campus. Students in the Boston area are urged to remain cautious and report and suspicious behaviour to police immediately. There are a list of products for students looking to secure their dorm room or house and keep themselves safe.


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