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The library can be one of the best academic resources for college students.  Whether you are studying for a test, working on a research project, or meeting with a group of classmates, university libraries have something for everyone!  Students at Boston University are fortunate to have multiple libraries on campus with access to a plethora of resources.  See below for the different libraries and library resources you can find at Boston University.

1.  Interlibrary Loaning Service

Interlibrary loan icon

If students need an item that is not available at Boston University, they can use the interlibrary loaning service to access books, articles, and other items from various academic libraries.  Students can request items and track their requests online.  In some cases, the item may be available in 1-2 business days.

2.  Research Guides

Research Guides Word Splash

This resource is extremely helpful to students researching a topic.  Students can search the research guide by subject through the library website and the guide will show students many different resources they can use. The research guide will lead students to articles, journals, books, news and commentary, and citation guidelines for whatever subject they are studying.

3.  Research Help

Research Icon

Undergraduate students can schedule a 30 minute one-on-one appointment or a group research consultation with a librarian.

4.  Writing Help

A student researching and writing
Students who need extra help with writing can meet with a writing tutor at the library. Weekly help is also available for seniors working on their thesis.

5.  Librarian Contact

Students can use a live chat service on their computer to contact librarians with questions.

There are many ways for BU students to get in touch with a librarian.  Communication methods include a live online chat service, email, phone, in person, through a research appointment, or via text message.

6.  IT Help Center

Student receiving technology help at the IT Help Center

The IT Help Center is located at Mugar Library.  The center is designed to help students with technology support.  The center is open Monday through Saturday 8 AM to 11 PM and Sunday from 10 AM to 11 PM, providing students with many opportunities to get help with their technology issues.

7.  Printing, Scanning, and Photocopying

Students utilizing printing services at Mugar Library

These services are available at multiple libraries on campus.  Printing from personal laptops to the library printers is an option.

8.  BU Common

Students working at the BU Common at Mugar Library

Located at Mugar Library, BU Common is the largest computer lab on campus.  The Common includes almost 200 personal computing stations that include a variety of applications.

9.  Study Spaces at Mugar

Study Space at Mugar Library

Mugar Library offers a variety of study spaces to meet the needs of students.  On the third floor is the PAL Study Lounge which has great views and places for independent or group study.  The basement of Mugar has a study room with a whiteboard wall for students to use as needed.

10.  Course Reading (Reserves)

Books at a Boston University library

This service allow faculty to place supplemental class reading assignments on reserve for students.  Whether it is a book or an online resource, students can search course readings online to find a list of materials they need.

Libraries at Boston University

1.   Mugar Memorial Library

Mugar Memorial Library

Mugar is the main humanities and social sciences library.  This 7-story library has over 2.2 million items.

2.  African Studies Library

African Studies Library

This library is located on the 6th floor of the Mugar Library.  The library is designed to support and provide resources for undergraduate, graduate, and faculty research on Africa.

3.  Alumni Medical Library

Alumni Medical Library help desk

The Alumni Medical Library is located on the Boston University Medical Campus.  This library is designed to support and provide resources for the schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Public Health, and the Boston Medical Center.

4.  Astronomy Library

Astronomy Library at Boston University

The Astronomy Library is located on the 6th floor of the College of Arts & Sciences building.  This library is designed to support the Astronomy Department, the Center for Space Physics, and the Institute for Astrophysical Research.

5.  Fineman & Pappas Law Libraries

Fineman & Pappas Law Libraries

These law libraries hold one of the largest law school research collections in the United States.  The libraries are designed to support law students and faculty.

6.  Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center

Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center

This center is extremely helpful for researchers, biographers, historians, producers, and students.  It includes many interesting collections such as documents of U.S. presidents and individual letters from monarchs.  The center is home to over 140,000 rare books.

7.  Music Library

Music Library at Boston University
The Music Library is located on the second floor of the Mugar Library.  At this library, students can find scores and media in both physical and electronic formats.  The library provides many services including project help, course reserves, and instructional sessions.

8.  Pardee Management Library

Pardee Management Library

This library is in the Rafik B. Hariri Building.  The library is designed to support students who are studying business.

Lauren Haislip

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