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1. School Dormitory (Campus)

Dormitories are divided into two types: furnished and unfurnished.  

BU quarters are divided into East Campus and West Campus. East Campus includes: Myles Standish Hall & Myles Annex, The Towers, Warren Towers, 575 Commonwealth Avenue, Brownstones, Shelton Hall and the more distant Danielson Hall. West Campus includes: Student Village 1 & Dormitory, West Campus’ three dormitory buildings, and 1019 Commonwealth Avenue. Specific details can be found on the official website of the school

a) Rental property is managed by the Boston University Office of Science (referred to as ORPM)
Office Address: 19 Deerfield Street, Boston, MA 02215
Tel: 617- 353-4101
Fax: 617- 353-3737 www.bu.edu/orpm/

b) ORPM: most apartments need to be seen before students can sign up. The only exceptions are the 580 Commonwealth Ave and Harrison Court.

580 Commonwealth Ave Apartments is located on the Charles River campus. It is located opposite BU business school, close to main classrooms. Rent is between $1100 – $1500; it is easily accessible from campus (Blandford Street, Green Line B). Harrison Court is located on the Medical campus.

c) Application procedure

-580 & Harrison Court Application: Please fill out the online application form on the ORPM website

-The school will send an email once they receive the application form.

-If there is a quota, the current vacancy list will be sent.

-After receiving the vacant room list, please list your room priority and email ORPM.

-ORPM will inform you if you receive the room you requested.

-You must make a decision and proceed to send a deposit to ORPM.

-After arriving in Boston, go to ORPM to complete the signing process.

Charles River Campus Apartments
Need to see in advance to sign. (That is, people must be in Boston, and view the room before signing) The price is $600 – $1900. Apartment types: studios, one bedroom, two bedrooms, and three bedrooms. Please check with ORPM prior to making an appointment. To find an apartment, visit the ORPM website

d) Housing on medical campus

Harrison Court (761 Harrison Ave) and Medical Student Residence (815 Albany St) are the main student hostels for the BU Medical Campus. 815 Albany St is a new dormitory built in June 2012. If there are many applicants,  it is recommended students line up in advance.

For further details, please contact: <School of Medicine Housing Resources>
72 E Concord Street A-311, Boston, MA 02118
Tel: 617-638-5125
Office Hours: MF 8:30 AM-5: 00 PM

e) Temporary accommodation

Boston University’s dormitories are closed during the spring and autumn holidays. Those who do not intend to stay in Boston can apply to the school for discounted accommodations. Rooms are limited and the earlier the students apply, the better their chances of having their desired accommodation. Winter and summer vacation rentals can be viewed on BUCSSA; otherwise, several blogs share a lot of rental information too.

2. Off-Campus Accommodation

Room type:
-Suite (studio)
-One bedroom
-Two bedrooms and one living room
-Three bedrooms and one living room
-American style single-family house


For the number of people

Price (USD / month)


Suite (Studio)


$ 1000- $ 1400

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and kitchen

One bedroom


$ 1500- $ 1800

The living room can be divided into rooms

Two bedrooms


$ 1800- $ 2600

The living room can be sub-rented

Three-bedroom / single-family style


$ 2600 or more

House is usually 2-3 floors

3. Media

Most intermediaries need to pay half a month’s or a month’s fee. Some landlords will require a guarantor co-signer (US citizens or Massachusetts residents with an annual income of more than 50,000 US dollars).

Website: There are several websites to search for B & B information.
-Boston Craigslist: http://boston.craigslist.org/
-Apartments.com: http://renters.apartments.com/
-MyNewPlace: http://www.mynewplace.com/

To change the contract on renters.apartments.com, a registration fee of about 200 US dollars is required, or half a month’s rent, depending on who the intermediary company may be.

School Counselling Website:
Common Terms When Renting:
Before Signing a Lease:

4. Location

The Boston University is located between Brookline and Fenway. The area around it is Allston and Back Bay. These neighborhoods are close to the school and there is a subway available nearby that takes about 15-25 minutes to get to school.

Brighton: far from school and more expensive than Allston. The houses, however, are much better quality; there is a Whole Foods nearby as well as other small supermarkets.

Brookline: Kennedy was born here! This is known as Boston’s affluent area. Brookline village contains many shops, supermarkets and various restaurants. You can search for the area around Boston University at the following website: http://www.phoenixrealty.org/rental_searches/new

Boston University is in a fairly safe area and individuals are less likely to have security issues or run-ins with crime.

Security can be found at www.crimereports.com/ (the site allows you to see what  locations  have the most thefts, robberies, etc. and can help you decide where to live).

Bedbugs are a common problem in American houses and can cause allergies and skin irritation. When choosing a house, consider finding out if it has had a history of bedbugs. The following site can be used for more information: http://bedbugregistry.com/

5. Signing up

After signing the contract you cannot go back and therefore, you must consider your options closely before signing. Try to view more than one place (about three to five) and do not rush to make a final decision.

The contract must have the following details: all contents of the unit; heating, electricity or gas costs; and the current condition of the home as well as any damage. Notify the landlord of any damages that require repair.  Landlords will provide refrigerators. When signing the contract, individuals must pay the first and last month of rent, any intermediary fees as well as a deposit (which is returned).


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