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20 Online Courses at Boston University - 2020 Pandemic Edition

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Ally Zukowski

In a pandemic, more students are deciding to stay home to earn their education. Online courses have increased dramatically with a lot of choices students can enroll in order to earn their degrees. Boston University is one of the schools that has increased their online classes so students may learn in the comforts of their own home. Many people such as notable alumni, Howard Stern, have come out of Boston University with successful career opportunities. Here are 20 courses students can enroll in at Boston University.

1. METIS303: Moral Issues in Sports ($490 cost per credit)

different sports balls and equipment in a pile.

This class will cover the important role that sports play in shaping our culture and our values. Students will evaluate other issues such as the usage of performance-enhancing drugs, the remuneration of college athletes, as well as racial and gender issues prevalent in sports today. The course is 4 credits and is taught by Professor Seena Eftekhari.

2. METIS308: Exploring Philosophy through Film ($490 cost per credit)

Film reels used to make films.

This online course is 4 credits. This course is an introduction to philosophy revolving around selected films and related texts that provoke serious reflection on issues of knowledge, ethics, and personal identity. There is a focus on film as the visual and narrative medium in which these problems and issues emerge. The professor is Kevin Stoehr.

3. METIS312: Food Stuff: A Taste of Biology ($490 cost per credit)

A pile of different food groups close to each other.

This 4 credit course will explore biological principles in the context of food. Dr. Thierry Guedj focuses on biodiversity, evolution, biochemistry, symbioses, and humans in the biosphere.

4. METIS325: Explorations in the Essay: History, Theory, Practice ($490 cost per credit)

A pencil laying on top of lined paper.

The purpose of the course is to introduce students to a wide variety of essay forms, arranged historically and considered in historical context. Students will be provided the opportunity to practice these forms and by imitating models to become more adept and polished writers of the essay. This online course is 4 credits and is taught by Connie Phillips.

5. METIS327: The Meaning of America: People, Identity, and Conflict that Built a Nation ($490 cost per credit)

An American flag waving in the wind.

The 4 credit course examines the philosophical underpinnings of what it means to be an American and the experiences of ordinary men and women in the making of modern America. It will focus on the ideas of those who founded the nation and how this affected the idealism which became the American identity. There will be emphasis on the roles of immigration, the change from agrarian to urban industrialized society, the growth and influence of labor unions, and the shift of the U.S. from maker to buyer of goods and services. The instructor for the course is Millard Baublitz.

6. METIS333: Manipulating Life: The Ethics and Science of Biotechnology ($490 cost per credit)

A liquid being dropped on a plant in a tube.

Instructor Daniel Ranalli will explore the science behind new technologies in biology. There will also be focus on the ethical questions that define and direct the application of these approaches, especially in humans. Topics include basic components of ethical theory and applying them to living organisms in general and to human life in particular. This course is 4 credits.

7. METIS345: Rethinking the Classics: Contemporary Takes of the Canon ($490 cost per credit)

An opened book with a bookshelf in the background.

This is a 4 credit course. This course focuses on traditions to emphasize genre and cultural history, and, as one of its goals, moves toward discussions of aesthetics. Topics taught by Professor Regina Hansen include the timeless quality of any work we consider a "classic" and also challenge the idea of timelessness by thinking about dialogues that exist between centuries and cultures and art.

8. METIS350: Nature and the Divine in Myth, Literature and Art ($490 cost per credit)

A piece of paper with the words 'MYTH' and 'TRUTH' on each side.

This course introduces students to some of the world's mythic traditions, applying them to the enduring cultural issues surrounding humanity's relationship to nature and our role as stewards of the environment. Topics include the Bible and classical mythology through the writings of Emerson and modern works such as Ceremony by Pueblo author Leslie Marmon Silko. This online course is 4 credits. The instructor for the course is Connie Phillips.

9. METIS360: Literature, Film, and the American Dream ($490 cost per credit)

The Statue of Liberty with the American Flag behind it.

This online course is taught by  Millard Baublitz and will earn students 4 credits. This course will examine the nature of the American Dream through fiction, essays, poetry, autobiography, historical documents, and art. There will be a focus on characteristic thematic elements as the desire for equality and the maturation of the soul.

10. METIS362: Mathematics that Matter in the 21st Century ($490 cost per credit)

A chalkboard with math equations and strategies written with chalk.

In this course students will expand their knowledge of the mathematics of probability, algebraic thinking, geometry, and statistics. There will be a focus on contemporary developments and applications. 4 credits are given to students who enroll.

11. METIS 367: Jobs, Wages, and the Global Economy ($490 cost per credit)

A stack of coins increasing from let to right and a red arrow climbing the coin piles.

This 4 credit online course introduces fundamental concepts of micro and macro economics within the context of the labor market. There is a focus on the supply and demand for labor, looking at trends in labor force participation, college attendance, and wage differentials. There will also be emphasis on current topics related to the functioning of the labor market taught by Jessica Kent.

12. METIS370: China, the Emerging Superpower: A Model for Development ($490 cost per credit)

A town in China at night with lights on the buildings.

The course will assess whether China will remain a friend or become a foe for the U.S. Topics include China's road to modernization is an apt model for other developing nations, analyzing China's past to discover patterns and traditions that still exist, and study the interaction between China and the world community. This course is 4 credits and is taught by Regina Hansen.

13. METIS380: Landscape, Climate, and Humans ($490 cost per credit)

A rounded map of the world.

This online course will provide students with an introduction to environmental science with a dual focus in physical geography and climatology. There will be discussion on the interactions of climate, physical geography, and human activities in the formation of a dynamic, living Earth. 4 credits are given to students who enroll in this course. The professor for the course is Connie Phillips.

14. METIS385: Interior and Exterior Landscapes: Understanding Native American Cultures ($490 cost per credit)

Native Americans walking next to each other.

This is a 4 credit course and is taught by Connie Phillips. This course is about cultural interaction and offers an opportunity to understand Native American cultures in their own terms. Students will learn Native American cultures through the voices of their people, expressing themselves through literature, film and venues.

15. METIS419: American Traditional Music ($490 cost per credit)

A music record with music notes spilling from the side of it.

This online course is based upon a collective understanding of what tradition is, but it is altered in each generation. Students will learn how traditional music has evolved into the current popular American musical through lectures, musical examples and readings. The instructor is  Regina Hansen. The online course is 4 credits.

16. METIS420: The Moral Self: Psychological Religious, and Spiritual Perspectives ($490 cost per credit)

A drawing of a brain with a colorful appearance.

This online course is 4 credits. This course will examine morality through three related yet different lenses: psychology, religion and spirituality. Topics include different issues such as abortion, capital punishment, and stem-cell research and how they take on new meanings as morality evolves with culture.

17. METIS421: The Art of Rhetoric in Life and Work ($490 cost per credit)

Different words describing the term Rhetoric and its meaning.

This online course is 4 credits. This course is a study of the art of rhetoric in everyday life and work from both theoretical and practical perspectives. There will be a focus on writing and interpretation. The instructor for the course is Dr. Kyung-shick Choi.

18. METIS450: Botany without Boarders ($490 cost per credit)

A bunch of plants growing and developing in the soil outside.

Professor Christy Franklin introduces students to practical problems in botany with a dual emphasis on plant evolution and plants in human affairs. Topics include plant form and function, evolution of seed plants, plant ecology, ethnobotany (human uses of plants), endangered plant communities, and prospects for conserving plant biodiversity. The credits earned for this course is 4 credits.

19. METIS470: Mysteries of Archaeology ($490 cost per credit)

A person brushing the dirt with a brush tool.

This is a 4 credit course and is taught by Millard Baublitz. This online course examines archaeological highlights through the ages, focusing on humanity's most enduring ancient mysteries. Students will evaluate conventional paradigms and explore how newly discovered or reinterpreted sites fit into, or challenge the current framework.

20. METIS480: Physics of Motion: Something in the Way it Moves ($490 cost per credit)

The word physics with a colorful space-like background.

The online course shows that the student has a working knowledge of algebra, but the emphasis will be on a conceptual understanding of physics rather than on advanced mathematics. This course will stress the familiar aspects of the physics of everyday situations. There is 4 credits that students can earn.

These courses are some of the many classes now offered online from Boston University. This option with balance the aspects of safety and education so students can still be successful in their future careers. Students can now take courses in their own time during their busy schedule during the pandemic.


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