OneClass Student Review of Boston University Restaurants

Welcome to Flavortown, U.S.A. If you’re lucky enough to be going to Boston U, you either already know about or will experience the seemingly endless variety of food options right at your doorstep in and around campus. Here are a few Terrier favorites.

1. UBurger (Burgers)

UBurger was named the #1 Burger on the Boston A-List for a reason. It’s super delicious. The best part about this place isn’t even the delicious patties; it’s the amazing selection of toppings you can choose for your burger. In addition, they have superb chicken sandwiches.

2. India Quality Restaurant (Indian)

This establishment has been around for over 30 years for a reason: the food is affordable and exceptional. Alumni on Yelp and Facebook have called it the best Indian food they’ve ever had and it’s a popular casual lunch and dinner destination for kids on campus. Nestled into a lower level shop space on commonwealth, it’s only a stone’s throw away from the Kenmore Green station. They also do delivery!

3. Campus Trolley (Lebanese)

A student and faculty favorite, this food truck has been a welcome, delicious presence on campus since ‘88. Also located on Comm. Ave, it’s a quick, convenient place to pick up Lebanese food in between classes. Patrons recommend the Greek chicken wrap (mmm)!

4. Roast Beast (American)

Vegetarian? This place is not for you. With the exception of a turkey dish, every single item on this menu is just what the name suggests – roast beast. Part of what makes this place so special (aside from the fact it specializes in one of the best foods ever) are the scrumptious sauces that you can choose to accompany your dish. Tangy, smoky, hot, mild…you can’t go wrong. A definite must for any carnivorous college student.

5. T Anthony’s (Pizza)

Everyone loves pizza. Or at least, everyone should. Everyone should also love T Anthony’s, which (in addition to being open ‘til 1 a.m. and being right across from West) serves up great ‘za NY style. Decked out in old BU sports memorabilia, it definitely feels like home. They switch up their specials constantly, and have a good array of sandwiches, including a delicious grilled cheese.


6. Crispy Crêpes Cafe (Mediterranean/Crêpes)

A place where you can get sweet and savory crêpes for breakfast or lunch and delicious Mediterranean food for dinner? Yes. Please. Hit up this joint for a strawberry, banana, and nutella crêpe that will blow your mind. Alternatively, check out the classic Falafel dinner (often times rolled and fried before your very eyes) or a classic kabob or gyro.

7. Noodle Street (Pan-Asian)

Like noodles? Check out the aptly titled noodle street. It’s a student favorite on campus thanks to its fairly priced and absolutely yum dining options for lunch and dinner. All the noodles are Asian influenced or deliciously stir fried in a cute, modern restaurant with sleek and open plan decor, perfect for dining with a group of friends or going it solo.

8. Pho Viet (Vietnamese)

There is nothing like authentic Vietnamese pho and sandwiches. Located inside the Super 88 Marketplace (also known as the Hong Kong Market) this stand is very well known for their beef pho. Many people who go to Pho Viet claim that it’s the best they’ve ever had, and it’s true, the place is exceptional. It’s also fast, and dirt cheap.

9. Cafe Rustico (Italian)

If you’re looking for a casual, well-priced italian bite, Cafe Rustico is the place to go. Favorites there include the gnocchi and the fettucine. Take a date you want to impress with great food or go carb binging by yourself. “It’s small and very un-assuming but the service is good and the gnocchi was delicious!” -Grace K., ‘15. Mama Mia.

10. El Pelón Taquería (Mexican)

Taco time? Taco time. Stop by El Pelón for some super casual, super delicious Mexican eats. The chips are crispy, the guacamole is groovy, and the salsa spicy. What more could you ask for? Maybe just a great selection of meat tacos and vegetarian options, in which case you’re in luck, because that’s just what they offer. Go get your fiesta on, terrier.



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