Boston University can be a pretty tough school, what with college life in general and grade deflation. When taking classes here, beware of chemistry, biology, and math. Here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at Boston University

1. CH 101/ CH102 – General Chemistry

This is probably one of the biggest weed-outs there is at BU. The professors design the course so that anyone thinking of going to medical school after getting their bachelor’s will rethink their life decision. Whether it’s the lecture, discussion, lab, or pre-lab, you’ll learn everything from balancing equations to mass spectrometry to Hess’s law and it’ll make your head spin. Steer clear, unless you have to take it, in which case… have fun?

2. CH 203/ CH 204 – Organic Chemistry

Similar to the introductory courses, this class is still a weed-out, but now you get to add in NMR too. In a class where every rule has an exception, the labs are three and a half hours long, there’s a pre-lab and a discussion, and resonance is involved, confusion will ensue. Those bigger organic molecules will look pretty impressive when you draw them out right and you’ll feel really proud of yourself when you master the benzene ring, getting to that point will be quite the journey.

3. NE 203 – Principles of Neuroscience with Lab

Here, you get the fundamentals of the ENTIRE NERVOUS SYSTEM. Yeah, it’s a lot. The nervous system is so incredibly complex as it is, and this class takes going in depth very seriously. You won’t just find out about what parts of the brain are responsible for certain processes, you’ll learn exactly what neurotransmitters and proteins are released, etc. The 3-hour labs involve actual semester-long research projects which will keep you there the whole time. The information is fascinating, but there’s so much of it that you might get an overload. This one will really need your thinking cap.

4. BI 203 – Cell Biology

It’s never quite certain how the professor manages to get all of the information into lecture, but it happens and you end up studying half of a notebook for one midterm. You’ll learn about the cellular organization and function of biological molecules which is pretty cool, but the exams don’t want memorization. It’s almost completely understanding and application and the questions tend to be purposely confusing. The professor genuinely enjoys it. Pay attention in lecture and to the Powerpoint and… well… do your best?

5. CS 210 – Computer Systems

This class on fundamental concepts of computer systems and systems programming will quite possibly become a nightmare. Learn the languages of computers, but at great mental and emotional expense. From digital logic to memory systems to processor design, this class will throw a lot at you and expect you to give it all your time and energy. Tread very carefully with this one.

6. AC 221 – Financial Accounting

This class is supposed to stress the interpretation, analysis, and evaluation of published financial statements, but it’ll also seriously stress you out. They’re useful skills to know but the professors and exams are really tough. Watch out for this one, ladies and gents

7. MA 226 – Differential Equations

Application and modeling of real mathematical phenomena will really challenge you in this course, and that’s just the start of it. This class will require all of the effort you can give, so plan wisely if this class is in your future.

8. EK 307 – Electrical Circuits

If you’re an engineering major, you’ll probably have to take this class and to say that it’s challenging is an understatement. You’ve got voltage, circuit laws and theorems, inductor circuits, and a foundation on almost everything else to do with circuits. It can be interesting learning how circuits work and building things, but this class will definitely need you at the top of your game all the time.

9. BI 315 – Systems Physiology

Systems Phys teaches you about the different body systems. All of the body systems. Luckily, it can be pretty interesting, but the sheer amount of work can be overwhelming. The tests are unforgiving – they’re only about 35 questions, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for error. Study hard, give time to your pre-lab and post-lab, and do your best. Then, maybe you’ll have a chance.

10. MA 575 – Linear Models

This class is for the fairly advanced, and should definitely not be taken lightly. With the simple AND multiple linear regression, weighted and generalized least squares, polynomials and factors, and so much more, this class is bound to give you at the very least a bit of a headache. This class really makes you work for the grade and demands basically all of your time. Good luck to you!

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