Nervous getting into Boston University? No worries, here are 10 Tips to Survive Freshman Year at BU!

1. Learn all the acronyms

Everything at BU has an acronym. You don’t wanna stand out as a freshman by not knowing where your new friends are gonna eat lunch when they say to meet at the dh.

2. Never rely on the BU Bus

The BU Bus may seem like a life saver when snow is coming down sideways and you’re running late to class but the BU Bus is not your friend. Although there is a bus schedule, the schedule is not reliable and the live stream map doesn’t tell you when the buses are out of service. The bus can be nice when it pulls up to Marsh Plaza right as you’re leaving CAS but you can’t count on it everyday.

3. Don’t try to study on the 26th floor of Stuvi 2 during midterms

Stuvi 26 by far has the best view at BU and it’s a great place to study throughout the year but don’t except to find an open table or even a chair during midterms or finals. It may not be the most glamourous place to study but Mugar library stays open 24 hours during midterms and finals and the corner of the 4th floor has a pretty view over the Charles River.

4. Get your WR100 papers revised at the Writing Center

Everyone has to take WR100 and it should never be the class that stresses you out or lowers your GPA. The Writing Center in Bay State has students, who made A’s in their WR100, readily available to revise your papers. A lot of writing professors will give extra credit if they know you went to the Writing Center and if not it never helps to get some fresh eyes on your paper.

5. Late night dining is always an option

All the dinning halls close at 9 pm but sometimes you still need another full meal when you’re up until 3 am doing homework or stumbling back from Allston. Luckily BU has late night dining options at every point of campus. West campus has Extreme Pita and Buick Market, Central campus has Warren Late Night, and East campus has Late Night Cafe at Bay State.

6. Always bring your BU ID everywhere

It’s pretty obvious that you need your BU ID every time you go out considering you need it to get back into your building but that doesn’t stop people from leaving it behind. The best way to make sure you always have your BU ID is to attach it to something you’ll never leave behind. Tables at the GSU are always handing out rubber cardholders to attach to the back of your phone. Barnes and Noble sells small little card holders that you can attach to your keys or purse that are really helpful.

7. Hide forbidden items during school breaks

BU has a list of banned contraband ranging from extension cords to coffee makers. During school breaks the RA’s do room checks to see if you have anything in your dorm that is not allowed. The RA’s are allowed to check any piece of furniture that belongs to the school and that includes microfridges. If you have anything that you’re not allowed to, including certain types of drinks, hide them in suitcases, bags, laundry or anything that does not belong to the school and is not see through.

8. Join a club

BU is a really big school and it can be hard to find your place. The best way to make a group of friends outside of your classes or your orientation group is to join a club. There are so many clubs at BU that you can’t find one place that has them all listed but there are flyers all around campus for different events hosted by clubs, they are always tabling at the GSU, and people are always posting in the Official University Facebook pages about their clubs. Even if you don’t know what the club is really about always feel free message people who are involved or talked to the tables at the GSU. You never know where you’re going to meet your lifelong best friends.

9. Alternative Spring Break trips

It always seems like everyone in the world is either going home or to some amazing tropical resort for Spring Break but those aren’t the only options. BU offers a range of alternative Spring Break trips ranging from Kentucky to Cuba.

10. Don’t stress about grades

If you got into BU then you probably worked to keep your GPA up throughout high school. Grades still matter in college but there is a reason people say “C’s get degrees”, because it’s true. Although you should always aim to do your best, freshman year is filled with classes designed to weed out people, like Chem 101. Unless you plan on going to grad school, your GPA isn’t as important as your work and life experience when you graduate college. So try your best but don’t stress out.


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