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10 Hardest Courses at Bowling Green State University

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Mariam Jabeen
The mode of academic changes diametrically when the student steps his or her feet inside a university. In this respect, when the student enrolls himself in the Bowling Green State University, he should prepare himself for confronting the hardest courses in college. No matter how smart and intelligently proficient some students are, these toughest classes in college are equally challenging for all them:

1. PSYC 1010: Introduction to Psychological Science

Requires dense research, analysis and interpretationThis course expects that students impose scientific study and research of a deeper level in major areas of psychology such as mental health, personality development and educational, biological and cognitive wellbeing. Also, the students are expected to learn cultural diversity that all require dense research.

2. ETC 2440: Electronics and Computer Tech

Electronics are complex and challengingThe technicalities that surround electronics and computers is not every body’s piece of cake. The concepts are extremely difficult to understand and their application in real-world electronics and computers requires the students to stress his mind greatly. For this reason, this course is one of the hardest courses in college.

3. PSYC 3300: Advanced Cognitive Psychology

Psychology of memory, language and decision makingThis course expects the students to include examination and research as fundamentals while tackling the major concepts of neuroscience and cognitive psychology. These concepts include the psychology of language, movement, decision making, memory, and executive functions.

4. ARTH 1450: Western Art 1

Arts of the old and ancientThis course has its appeal towards those students who have an inclination towards the art of the medieval and ancient time. Majority of the students find history extremely boring and the arts of the ancient period is equally mind-numbing. This course meets the requirements of BG perspective that is general education and humanities.

5. SOC 4610: Sociology of Religion

Overwhelming control of religion in societyThis course presents a demanding and thorough review and study of the major doctrines of religion and how it functions as a social institution. Furthermore, the course also lays emphasis on contemporary cults and their role in the lives of the people.

6. PSYC 2900: Introduction to Laboratory Methods in Psychology

Quantitative based approach in psychologyThis course is very demanding and tedious as it introduces the concept of research methodology used in natural settings and laboratory in an extensive way. Furthermore, the job of the students become very hard when they are required to plan the research, collect the relevant data and information and on the basis of them interpret the research by presenting them in both formal and informal writing.

7. ASTR 2010: Modern Cosmology

Exploring the mysteries of the universeThis course extensively covers the origin, creation and the evolution of the universe along with the detailed study of the Big bang theory, classical physics, astrophysics and their application to stars and galaxies, gravity, space-time, and the concepts of modern physics. This course will also connect cosmology to philosophy and the diversity of culture. On the whole, these concepts are difficult both in learning and application and with regular homework, frequent quizzes and assignments, the courses become very demanding.

8. PSYC 4050: Psychology of Abnormal Behavior

 psychologyThis course intensively expects the students to collect data and researches that can be used to explain, understand and define deviant behavior. Prerequisite for this course is passing the PSYC 2010 course.

9. HNRS: Introduction to Critical Thinking

cartoon of  critical thinkingCritical thinking is no walk in the park. The students are required to analyze arguments through data, fallacies, and assumptions, preparing alternative inferences and conclusions and decision making.

10. SOC 4410: Race and Crime

comic about race and crimeThis course discusses with acute complexity the relationship between criminal justice system in American and the races. So, in this respect, one of the crucial aspects of American justice in relation to racial discrepancy will become the core focus of the course. Therefore, the course will explore in detail the core reason for such inequality in justice and that reason is bias in administration and policies. With an all-encompassing approach and requirement of doing extensive examination and analysis, this course is challenging and tedious for a majority of the students. Thus, with these toughest classes in colleges, the passing out rate of students in semesters is very low. It is because these courses expect the students to invest a majority of their time in reading, examining and formulating researches which many students no matter how intelligent they are, find boring and difficult. So, in order to pass these hardest courses in college, they need to master on learning, comprehension and analytical skills.


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