Gerontology is a new and upcoming field. At Bowling Green State University, Gerontology 1010 is considered a BGP class. These BGP classes are required for every major so, Gero 1010 is a very common class for non-Gerontology majors. Usually, the class is pretty easy material but here are some tips to help you pass the class with an A.

1. Be sure to attend class

Yes, this is the obvious one but the professor will give in-class activities. It is required that you are there and complete 10 activities, although a total of 12 are given throughout the semester. Those two additional activities count as bonus points at the end of the semester.

2. Make a friend

Make friends with the person you sit next to in class. This will be a big help in the long run since you’ll have multiple things to think about for this course.

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3. Use the slides in canvas

The professor posts the slides before class so you can follow along on your laptop. It is suggested to add additional notes when the professor teaches in class. These notes will help on the exams.

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4. Exams are through canvas

All of the exams for the course will be taken through Canvas. This means you will have 50 minutes to complete the multiple-choice exam at some point in the three days it is open.

exam GIF

5. Go over the slides

Since the exams are online, be sure that you review your slides and notes before you begin the exam. 50 minutes is not a lot of time to go back and forth to the exam and slides.

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These may only be five tips but they are sure to help you pass Gero 1010, a BGP class at Bowling Green State University. The material is not hard, but make sure you pay attention in class. Use your resources and these tips and you will be sure to pass the class!

Megan Deskin

I am in Freshman year. I am involved in Greek Life and other organizations on campus. My major is Gerontology, which is a heavy biology major program. I love adventuring around the town and going to the different events on campus. I'm always open to trying new things and I love to be involved!

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