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6 Reasons to Take PHIL1010 at BGSU

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Ally Freehoffer
Philosophy is a very different discipline from math or science. There usually isn’t a right or wrong answer. Philosophy makes you think about life and concepts within your life. This may frustrate some people, since they can be used to a specific set of guidelines to follow, but when you get over that, you could get something very useful out of taking Philosophy 1010. Image result for philosophy 1. Philosophy relates to other disciplines. If you’re a science or pre-med major, Philosophy 1010 could potentially provide you with a basic understanding of ethics. The main focus of Philosophy 1010 is critically evaluating arguments, something that would be extremely useful to a student hoping to pursue a career in law for example. Philosophy provides the basis for mathematical concepts, politics, theology, and life in general. confused math GIF by CBC

2. Studying philosophy makes you think in a non-traditional way.

It’s likely that throughout your time as a student you were taught that there is always a right answer and a wrong answer. Philosophy is much more than that. In Philosophy 1010, we cover topics that still aren’t fully understood by anybody. Even after years and years of trying to understand them. It’s more about asking questions instead of trying to answer them. the office philosophy GIF

3. You WILL learn something.

Whether it be about yourself, about the world, or about your beliefs, you will learn something new. Philosophy opens up another world of topics to learn that you probably have never even stopped to think about. Odds are, taking philosophy will make you more open to a variety of other world views and teach you exactly what those views are. There's already so much to learn in college but the things you will learn in Philosophy 1010 are actually really valuable skills that everybody should have. learn star wars GIF

4. Philosophy covers controversial topics that need to be talked about.

What is right and what is wrong? What is justice? Why is racism wrong? Today, people get uncomfortable when controversial topics are brought up, so having a class that addresses these topics in a safe environment is SO important. occupy wall street protest GIF

5. You'll discover the meaning of life.

Okay, probably not. You won't come out of an introduction level Philosophy class knowing everything about life. But the meaning of life is discussed a lot in philosophy classes, and this is also true for Philosophy 1010. You'll discuss how we, as individuals, create our own meaning of life. meaning of life GIF by Becky Chung

6. You'll be more comfortable debating and standing up for your beliefs.

In the discussion portion of this course, your professor or TA will most likely be the "devil's advocate" and encourage you to stand up for what you believe in. You'll learn the importance of standing up for what you believe in and get the chance to do just that. steve little lawyer GIF by The Grinder Philosophy 1010 is a great starting point, regardless of your major. An introduction to philosophy will help you think about yourself and your beliefs. You may even sound smarter by eliciting a philosophical rant to your family... they are sure to be impressed.


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