Biology 2050 is a very material heavy course. There are tons of topics that will be covered and that may get stressful for some students. Here is a list of 10 topics that will for sure be covered in Biology 2050 at Bowling Green State University.

1.Water-based chemistry of life

chemistry GIF

This is the first topic that will be covered. In this broad topic, you will discuss polarity of water and chemical bonds. Many questions deal with hydrogen and carbon bonds. Since it is a biology course, the main focus of the course is not chemistry. However, chemistry is the main component of this topic and it is necessary to understand that for the rest of the course.

2. Molecules of life

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This is a very large section that will be covered. Some smaller topics through this section will be proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The things that will be covered are their functions, properties, and locations in the cell.

3. Cells

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Yes, this does seem like a very broad description. Specifically, prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells will be discussed in this section. Prokaryotic cells are unicellular cells and eukaryotic cells are any cell with a nucleus. The course will discuss what common things are each type of cell.

4. Organelles

dna biology GIF

The main things that will be looked at are the different components of each cell, such as: the nucleus, ribosome, and endoplasmic reticulum (smooth and rough) as well as their functions. Each student will be required to draw a cell and label all the organelles that make up each individual cell.

5. Genes

uc berkeley dna GIF by University of California

You will cover gene expression and epigenetics. Epigenetics are genetic modifications that tell each gene to turn on and off. It is very similar to gene expression. You will also look at the structure of DNA strands and everything that goes into them, such as base pairs, DNA polymerase, RNA polymerase, and mRNA. These are all different components of genes.

6. Cell cycle

Cell GIF

In this topic, the students will learn about cell division and the entire cell cycle. The cell cycle consists of the process for cell division, G1, G2, and G0. These are just steps in the process of cell division. This topic is towards the end of the semester and is usually part of the final.

7. Cancer

cancer GIF

The entire idea of cancer will not be looked at. Rather, it will focus on the cellular pathways such as why specific genes do not prevent cancer. It is taught that our bodies should be able to prevent cancer but in this course, you will learn why it doesn’t. The things you will study related to cancer are the activation and deactivation of specific genes and why cancer forms other than the obvious reasons.

There are many other smaller topics that are covered in Biology 2050 at Bowling Green State University. These seven are the major ones. The exams cover these topics and the final is partly cumulative.


Megan Deskin

I am in Freshman year. I am involved in Greek Life and other organizations on campus. My major is Gerontology, which is a heavy biology major program. I love adventuring around the town and going to the different events on campus. I'm always open to trying new things and I love to be involved!

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