BIOL2040, or concepts in Biology 1, is a prerequisite, general Biology course aimed to give you a strong foundation in the study of life before moving onto more in-depth biology courses. That being said, you will cover a wide range of biological concepts over the semester from evolution to the structure of a cell.

1. The scientific method.

Ah, the scientific method. You’ve probably been studying this in science classes since middle school, but it’s actually really important to know. It teaches you how to create a good hypothesis and the steps that go into making one. This is useful for anybody who plans to do research in their career.

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2. The Cell.

The cell is the basis to all life on earth, so of course you’ll study it in an introductory biology course. This is also something that you’ve probably been studying since middle school but you’ll dive a little bit deeper into it than you have before. There are prokaryotic cells (without a nucleus) and eukaryotic cells (with a nucleus), and these are both the foundation of all organisms.

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3. Genetics.

You’ll cover everything from genotypes and phenotypes to genetic variation and genetic mutation. It’s interesting to learn about genetics and why you are the way that you are. While on the topic of mutations you’ll learn that genetic mutation causes various genetic disorders such as sickle-cell anemia and Down’s Syndrome. It’s interesting to look at these disorders and see that the smallest mutation can cause these disorders.

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4. Diseases.

Diseases are briefly covered in BIOL2040 and it’s actually a really interesting topic. Not only do you study the spread of infectious diseases and the pathogenic species that cause them, but you’ll also study the increase of antibiotic resistance in many pathogens. Many bacteria are adapting to the use of antibiotics and are becoming resistant to them and there’s a lot of research being conducted to figure out how to stop that.

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5. Evolution.

By now, you’re probably a master of Darwin’s theory of evolution but this course goes very in-depth on this concept. You’ll study Darwin’s finches and what led him to his theory of evolution and you’ll cover natural selection, or “the survival of the fittest.” Evolution is a big topic in biology, it has been since Darwin created his theory and it’s important to understand his theory to understand how organisms and environments change over time.

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Even though BIOL2040 is an introduction to biology; it covers a lot of topics and advancements in science. This class is the foundation for understanding biology and how life works. Some topics you will briefly discuss and others you will study in depth.

Ally Freehoffer

I am a first-year student at Bowling Green State University majoring in Forensic Biology. I'm involved in the Forensics Learning Community, an on campus health and wellness group called CHAARG, and Omega Phi Alpha, the National Service Sorority.

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