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6 Careers that SOC1010 at Bowling Green State University Prepares You For

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Ally Freehoffer
SOC1010 has the potential to prepare you for many different careers. There are so many aspects to sociology that are important for different careers such as how to conduct ethical research, using a sociological imagination, and it educates you on diversity. Sociology is a very broad field that incorporates many disciplines so a minor in sociology or a background knowledge in sociology could very well prepare you for your career. Here's a few of the many careers that SOC1010 could prepare you for:

1. Police Officer

As a police officer, you are fully immersed into the society you live in. Being able to understand the different aspects of society and using a sociological imagination, or using your knowledge of society to think of different reasons for certain situations, could help you greatly in this career. Criminology is actually a sub-field of sociology and any police officer with a background in criminology will have more experience than those who do not. whoop cop GIF by Empire FOX

2. Social Worker

"Social work" is a very broad term, but typically they serve as guidance to children and families. They sometimes act as counselors and therapists to wide range of people. A background in sociology will provide you with experience on how different aspects of society such as discrimination, poverty, etc. affect children and families. Sociology also provides you with experience on social interactions and how to respond to different social situations. the office therapy GIF

3. Lawyer

To be a good lawyer, you need to have a basic understanding of how society works. Law impacts our society in many different ways. It's taught in sociology that the government/judicial system is a social institution meaning that they have control over society. It's important for a lawyer to understand that control of society and use it to their advantage in court. Criminal lawyers and prosecutors, like police officers, could benefit from having a background in criminology as well. facebook things GIF

4. Marketing Research Analyst

Business and marketing majors that plan to be involved in market research could benefit greatly with a background in sociology. SOC1010 teaches you how to conduct research correctly and effectively. To have a career in market research, you need to understand the different factors of society that will have an effect on your research such as race/ethnicity, income, etc. which are all concepts taught in SOC1010. propaganda GIF

5. Human Resources (HR Department)

Human resources is a very important part of any business. They provide support to employees and deal with possible discrimination and other workplace related issues. They are the people that ensure that anti-discrimination and other policies are being followed. A background in sociology could prepare you for a job like this because sociology will provide you with a basic understanding of topics such as discrimination. They also need to be skilled in conflict resolution which is another concept that is taught in sociology. cotton candy pillow GIF by HR Cloud

6. Teacher

Sociology could prepare you to be a teacher or a professor as you will be working with students and you must be able to understand a wide variety of social situations. Sociology provides you with experience in social interaction and conflict resolution, two very important aspects of working in a school environment. To be a good teacher, you must know how to interact with your students. You may also need to understand a student's hardships at times that may be due to a variety of social factors that sociology can help you have knowledge in. high school thank you GIF Overall, sociology is a very diverse field that is embedded in many different fields of study. Taking a few introductory courses to sociology such as SOC1010 can better prepare you for the professional world.


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