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7 Tips for Success in PHIL1010 at Bowling Green State University

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Ally Freehoffer
Philosophy 1010 is not an easy course. It challenges your typical way of thinking and requires quite a bit of work. Here are 7 tips to keep in mind that may help you to succeed in this course.

1. Do the assigned reading

For each homework assignment, you will be assigned a reading from a philosophical text. It's vital that you actually do this reading so you know what your professor is talking about in lecture. It's also important that you read the assigned text thoroughly and until you understand it. Skimming a philosophical text probably won't help you out very much.  cat book reading read GIF

2. Use Study Resources like OneClass.

Don't use these resources as your primary source for each reading assignment. Use them to help you understand the readings. Many of these texts are very old and hard to understand so using these websites will but the text into simpler terms that will be easier to understand. Resources like OneClass can often provide you with valuable information like other people's class notes and their tips for the class! funny cat GIF

3. Do the Homework

Your professor won't collect all of the homework, but it's still very important that you complete all of your assignments. Doing the homework will help you to understand the topics that are going to be discussed in lecture and you could miss out on easy points if they do decide to collect it and you don't have it done! friend homework GIF

4. Go to your lectures AND recitations

The most important part of succeeding in this course is actually attending lecture. Many PHIL1010 professors take attendance in lecture. It's also important to attend your recitation section as there are many pop-quizzes given and your TA will answer any questions you have about lecture. Your TA will also put what your professor says into simpler terms and make things so much easier to understand. tired school GIF by Originals

5. Go to Office Hours

If you're confused about something in philosophy it's so important to go to office hours. One-on-one sessions for a class like philosophy could be extremely beneficial because you can discuss specific questions with your TA or professor. TAs will also have extended office hours before an exam and many times they will give you hints about what to expect on the exam and what exactly you should be studying! So, GO TO OFFICE HOURS.

6. Do the homework with a friend or study group

You will likely do better on the homework if you discuss it with others beforehand. It really helps you to understand it as you're able to listen to everybody's interpretations of the text and form a polished one of your own. Study groups are also very beneficial for exams. If you can get a few people together from your lecture to study for an exam with, you'll likely get a better grade! study group community GIF

7. Review the homework assignment before lecture

It's important to review past homework assignments before you go to lecture because your professor will typically build on topics that they previously talked about. If you review your previous homework assignments it will be easier to follow along in lecture. It's also helpful to bring the previous homework assignments to each lecture as well! math studying GIF Philosophy is a challenging course but it can be very beneficial and it can be very easy to succeed in if you put in the work. It's also very easy to skip lecture and not complete homework assignments but you really need to put in the work to pass the class.


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