There are multiple places to live at Bowling Green State University but the big question is where and why? Where should you live and why is it so great to live there. Centennial is the most popular all-freshman dorm and here is why you want to live there your first year on campus.


1.You’ll have your own bathroom

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This may not be a big deal for some students but for others, it will make or break their college decision. In Centennial Hall at BGSU you will have your own shower, toilet and sink all in your room.

2. Single or double rooms

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In Centennial Hall, you have the option to live in a single or double room. You can have one roommate in the same room or two others who only share a bathroom and common area.

3. Food is close by

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This may be very important to you, there is a dining hall right next to the dorm the Carillon and there is also an Outtakes that is open until 11 pm.


4. Nothing is more than a short walk

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Centennial Hall is in a great location on campus. It is almost at the central point so most buildings with classes are very close. It is also right next to Greek Village.



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Each floor in Centennial Hall has at least three lounges if not four. The lounges all have furniture and televisions. There are also specific study lounges on each floor known as the Fish Bowl lounges with tables, chairs, and whiteboards on the walls.

6. Air conditioning

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During the end of summer, it does get very hot around campus and Centennial Hall is one of the few dorm halls with air conditioning. It is a nice added extra and the thermostats are in your room, so you can adjust your temperature.

7. All freshman dorm

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Every person living in Centennial Hall besides the RAs’ are Freshman. This means that someone is bound to be in your classes or involved in the same organization as you. You’re all in it together, all freshman at a new school.


Living on a new campus with all new people can be shocking. Living in Centennial hall can make you feel like you’re at home. Also living with people who are your age from all over the place may be a new experience. Living in one of the newest dorms your freshman year would be a great decision.

Megan Deskin

I am in Freshman year. I am involved in Greek Life and other organizations on campus. My major is Gerontology, which is a heavy biology major program. I love adventuring around the town and going to the different events on campus. I'm always open to trying new things and I love to be involved!

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