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10 BGSU Buildings You Need to Know

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Ratna Prabha
A home-away-from to thousands of students, Bowling Green State University (BGSU) is a 100-year-old institution that offers some of the best and most modern amenities and facilities. Spread over 1330 acres of land, BGSU is a great place to earn a college degree. Here are 10 BGSU buildings you need to know:

1) Administration Building

College administrative buildings This 10-stories high building houses multiple offices including the Student Financial Aid, Registration and Records, the Bursar, and more. So, if you have a query regarding any administrative related work, then this is the place for you to visit.

2) Biology Greenhouse

The inside of a greenhouse The greenhouse facility at BGSU consists of four buildings. Two are used by students for class projects as well as research and two are used to hold teaching collections. The teaching collection buildings have a tropical planting area and a desert area. A perfect place to learn about the environment and the earth.

3) East Hall

An old college building The East Hall houses the department of American Culture Studies and the English Department. Replete with computer labs and spacious classrooms, this building gives students a great learning environment.

4) Eppler Center

A picture of a gymnasium This center is part of the College of Education and Human Development of BGSU. This building is occupied by students and faculty of the various human development programs managed by the School of Human Movement Sport and Leisure Students. It has gymnasiums, fitness, and sports physiology lab, indoor track and more.

5) Fine Arts Center

An art gallery Housing the BGSU School of Art, the Fine Arts Center is the ideal place for any art student. With three spacious galleries that host numerous art exhibitions, printing facilities, and computer labs, this building complex is the epicenter of BGSU art.

6) Hanna Hall

Hanna Hall Housing the Department of Geography, the Women's Center, and the Gish Film Theater, the Hanna Hall is one of the Traditions Buildings of BGSU. Watch out for art and film action at the Gish Film Theater.

7) University Hall

The University Hall With cutting-edge classrooms and administrative offices, the University Hall is the place where all the important undergraduate programs are conducted. Every student at BGSU will need to use the services in this building. It houses the offices of the Center for Community and Civic Engagement, Pre-College Programs, Learning Communities, and more.

8) The Kuhlin Center

The Kuhlin Center If you are a student of media studies at BGSU, then this building will be your favorite haunt. Housing the School of Media and Communication, the Kuhlin Center has a convergence lab and video production facilities with state-of-the-art equipment.

9) Perry Field House

Perry Field House Nearly every sport-loving student's favorite building, the Perry Field House provides a variety of recreational activities including physical education classes, sports clubs, intercollegiate athletics, and special sporting events and competitions.

10) Olscamp Hall

Oslcamp Hall There are both traditional and modern technology-equipped classrooms in Olscamp Hall. Lounges, spaces for events, offices, and multiple points of computer access dot this building of BGSU.

Interesting Facts About Bowling Green State University

1) Falcons at BGSU

Falcons Falcons were maintained and trained on the BGSU campus by student trainers who wore bright orange jackets. The Falcons used to be brought out as halftime shows. However, many of them flew away, and the last falcon was donated to the Toledo Zoo. Interestingly, the nickname of BGSU teams is 'Falcons.'

2) The University Pendant

The Tree of Knowledge A silver pendant embossed with the Tree of Knowledge is worn by the President of BGSU on special occasions. The tree represents knowledge as well as a deep connection to the earth resulting in a powerful foundation and stability. The branches of the tree represent growth and change even as we remain firmly established to our cultural roots.

3) University Seal

BGSU seal Patterned after the Seal of the State of Ohio, the BGSU seal has four parts each having the sun, the mountain ranges, a sheaf of wheat, and a bundle 17 arrows. The 17 arrows represent Ohio state's ranking in the US while the sheaf of wheat reflects the agricultural background of the state.

4) Colors of BGSU

Orange and brown Burnt orange and seal brown are the colors of BGSU. These colors were adopted by the Board of Trustees way back in 1914.

5) The University Mace

BGSU President's Mace The Mace is used as a symbol of office in multiple BGSU's campuses. The Mace of the President of BGSU has figures representing different aspects of human life including the waxing and waning cycles, areas of learning, and the vicissitudes of culture.


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