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Cafes and Restaurants at Brandeis University

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Mariam Jabeen

The best thing about Brandeis University is that its dining places and College cafes are present at a convenient location. It means that whenever the students need to grab a bite or two before heading to an already late class, they can easily fill their growling tummies. Furthermore, the meals these college cafes offer are highly nutritious, light and tasty. Moreover, some of the restaurants near campus are also present at barely 4 minutes' drive. So let us have a look at some of these college cafes and nearby dining places:

1. Usdan Student Center

students dining and enjoying

This place is a popular food court that has two stations and a kosher deli. The upper floor of the food court offers the students with freshly made sandwiches, soups, salads, sushi, and burritos bowls. The lower level offers oven brick pizzas and wide vegan and vegetarians food sections.

2. Sherman Dining hall

Kosher Food Dumplings

This place offers such food that strictly adheres to Jewish dietary methods. Furthermore, those students who like to consume all kinds of food without any religious restrictions can opt for non-kosher meals. At the above landing of this dining hall, many students love to visit the cozy little pub, the Stein.

At this pub, students over the age of 21 can enjoy warming wines and tasty beers. Moreover, the tantalizing entrees and appetizers can make everyone's day there. The Stein is ideal for students who stay up late, preferably for late night studying or assignment completion. It is because it offers a breakfast buffet at wee morning hours.

3. Naked Fish

The restaurant seafood and ambiance

In a relaxing and inspiring restaurant ambiance, the students can enjoy the perk of a hearty dinner at an affordable price. The prepared food is given seasoning of light spices so that the natural flavor of fish does not evade. Moreover, the restaurant chefs never compromise on quality so that the customers enjoy goodness in every bite.

4. Baan Thai

Interior of Baan Thai restaurant.

As it names implies, the specialty of the restaurant lies in offering the finest quality Thai food. Moreover, the restaurant also excels in providing authentic Thai food in a warm and inviting environment. In this way, by not adding hot spices the restaurant satiates the taste of newcomers and the serious Thai food lovers.

5. Bison County

drumsticks on grilling plate

The specialty of the restaurant lies in offering BBQ food. The best things about this place are that bold and creative colors of BBQ spices and garnishing decorate each BBQ platter vividly. Together the smoke fire and meat create a mouthwatering main course of BBQ dishes that are grilled at the time of order.

6. Little India

varieties of Indian food

This restaurant excels with the motive of bringing India into a foreign country. So all of the traditional Indian Cuisine and the deserts are present to lure the students to experience their spices and flavors. The place offers a lunch buffet and at dinner offers a wide variety of dishes for the customers.

7. The Chateau Italian dining

Signature pasta with salad in plates

At a reasonable price, the place offers quality food, friendly service and a welcoming environment for students' hangouts or close dinners. The variety of Italian cuisine is extensive, and the much-loved options are Toasted Ravioli, Pasta and Chicken Parmigiana. Moreover, the signature Chateali Bread is a significant and complementary sideline of each main course.

Thus with these college cafes and restaurants near the campus of Brandeis University, the student is sure to have a memorable time. Their university academic will reach a totally new level when different cuisines and quality food are present close to them.


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