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10 Coolest Courses at Brandeis University

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Killa Kurls

There are plenty of courses for students to choose from. Some students want to take an easier load more than others. Others simply want to explore their passions and explore to see if there are new ones. There are some classes that help students to do so at Brandeis University. These classes are some of the coolest classes so look and see if you're interested in the ones we have listed below.

1. FA 9A — Introduction to Digital Photography

A person taking a picture of the city

Are you the one who is always uploading pictures on social media? This class will allow students to learn more about the visual forms of digital photography. Students will go into the world feeling more confident when it comes to taking good pictures and how to enhance an idea and tell a story through a photo itself.

2. FA 3A — Introduction to Drawing I

Drawing a girl with colored pencils

Drawings are the basics of many of the advertisements, comics, and animations you see on a daily basis. This class will teach students about the materials and methods of drawing. Students will be able to learn more about human figure drawing, still-life, and landscape drawing. Students will also learn more about pastel and watercolor drawing as well.

3. BUS 130A — Entrepreneurship and Innovation

A graphic of ideas meant for innovation

Are you interested in learning more about how to follow your dreams and make your ideas come true? This class will teach students about how to go through seeking out new business ventures and having access to the right resources. Students will also learn more about how to identify opportunities and how to network.

4. BUS 152A — Marketing Management

Different strategies that are used for marketing

Are you good at marketing your own business? This class will allow students to learn more about competitive marketing strategies and how to obtain different industry analysis. Students will also learn more about creating ads and how to sustain and obtain an audience through marketing in order to enhance their business or brand.

5. BIOL 26A — Plant Biology

Plants that are growing in soil

What are the plants that are surrounded around us? They help us to breathe and live. This class will take students through the molecular and chemical approaches when it comes to plants within biology. This includes learning more about plant metabolism, structures of plants, genetics of plants, and the development of plants.

6. ANTH 129A — Culture in 3D: Theory, Method, and Ethics for Scanning and Printing the World

A 3D printer making the 3D printout

This class will help students to be trained in designed methods for 3D modeling. Students will also learn more about 3D printing in order to enhance the world and culture. Students will also learn more about enhancing their own technical skills in order to reproduce different objects.

7. ANTH 1A — Introduction to the Comparative Study of Human Societies

A look at people in society

This class will teach students about the differences and basic concepts within human societies. Students will be in tune with the concepts of culture, social organizations, politics, and economic status when it comes to human societies and decision making.

8. AAAS 124A — After the Dance: Performing Sovereignty in the Caribbean

Dancers from the Caribbean dancing for the crowd

Are you interested in the arts? In this course, students will be able to learn more about the literature, visual arts, and performing arts from the Caribbean. Students will also learn more about the differences when it comes to performance and movements within different regions in the Caribbean.

9. THA 125A — Acting for the Camera

A girl acting in front of a green screen

What is your favorite movie? This class will teach students how to act in front of the camera. Students will also learn more about the art of performance in front of a camera. Students will get to work behind the camera and in front of the camera as actors and actresses.

10. MUS 35A — History of Rock: Rock and Roll in American Culture

A young Elvis Presley playing the guitar

Elvis Presley is known as the King of Rock and Roll but what more is there when it comes to this type of music? This class will teach students about the stylistic development, cultural concepts, and history of rock and roll. This class will also teach students about the art of rock and roll and how it has affected the world we live in.


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