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Top 10 Majors at Bridgewater State University

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Drew Pierce
In order to be successful after college, you need to pick the right major while in college. This will help mold the person that you will be in the future. Here are the top 10 majors at Bridgewater State University.

1. Accounting and Finance

A very cohesive major that you can take his accounting and finance. By lumping these two areas together, you will have plenty of options after college to get a job. This is a great perk for your employer to see. Calculator and pen

2. Geography

If you love to travel and study maps, you should major in geography. You will learn a ton about different cultures and ideas throughout the world. This will make you a more friendly person. The world map

3. Health Studies

Great way to stay healthy well at college is by majoring in health studies. This will also lead you to have a healthier lifestyle. You will be able to get a job that helps other people stay as healthy as you. Mental health graphic

4. Early Childhood Education

If you want to work with kids after college, you should major in early childhood education. In fact, this is the most popular education major at this school. This means that the program you will go through will be comprehensive and well-made. A student working with a teacher

5. Chemistry

One of the more popular science majors is chemistry. If you aspire to be a chemist, this is the major that is calling your name. You will even be able to meet and work with famous scientists through this program. Beakers and Test Tubes

6. Computer Science

Computer science is a forever changing major at the school. Because technology involves so rapidly, you’re always a desire for new and young employees in this field. This is a big thing to consider picking a major. Computer and Media Labs

7. Economics

A great way to be able to manage your money is by majoring in economics. You will also be able to get a job that will help other people do the same thing. This is a super beneficial major to take. ECONOMICS word cloud, business concept

8. Music Education

If you love music now, you should become a teacher of music for younger students. If you major in music education, you can accomplish this. You could be like one of the professionals that helped mold your passion for music. Playing the piano

9. Philosophy

If you want to try and find all answers to life, you should try majoring in philosophy. This is a very fun major that allows you to be freethinking. In addition to this, you will learn about what the agent thinkers thought as well. Terms relating to Philosophy

10. Communications Studies

The final great major offered at the school is communication studies. You will learn how to communicate with people from the same country as yours as well as people from other cultures. Intern, this will make you a better person. Terms relating to Communication/>


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