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Health and Wellness Services at Bridgewater State University

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Mariam Jabeen
Bridgewater State University offers the health and wellness services to the students without any additional cost. Students can utilize the services of various centres depending upon their situation. It is open for the staff and faculty members as well who are a part of Bridgewater State University. Health is the main concern of this university and keeps it on number one priority. The administrations respond diligently for the health and wellness services to the students.

1. Health Care Clinic

Doctor monitoring the blood pressure of the patient Health centre covers the daily visits for the students to the clinic. The registered nurses and doctors are there to assist every student. So, students require an appointment to attend the health care needs for checkups. There are vaccinations offered such as influenza and meningitis where the students may have to pay the fee. The administration does not provide shots for allergies rather vaccinations upon the immunization cards.

2. Counseling Centre

Student listening to psychologist advice The counseling centre helps students in getting adjusted to the new environment. Trained professionals guide the students to get over the psychological problems. Additionally, they help students with social, emotional and intellectual development within the university. There are programs to avail for the students with the counselors to overcome fears of interaction the therapy is effective through the direct contact with the counselor. Interactive solutions are there for the students and faculty members to stay away from stressful situations.

3. Outreach Education Centre

Discussion between the student and trained professional The approach of this centre is to foster the academic and personal issues of the students. So, students can discuss problems with exams, class adjustment and behaviors with the trained professionals. Upon hearing them, discussions occur between the student and professional which can last up to 2 hours. Additionally, it helps in making wise decisions for individuals with reducing negativity. 

4. Emergency Centre

Doctor checking on the patient through a stethoscope Reach out to the emergency centre when there is an unpleasant situation with the student or faculty within the university. The centre is open all the time for the staff to get help and treatment without an appointment. If the student is not feeling well, he/she can walk in this centre to avail the instant services. The doctors evaluate the student quickly to provide prescribed treatment for it. Trained and qualified practitioners assure to cater to the needs of the student to make them feel better as fast as they can.

5. The CARE Centre

A team of professionals helping the student to by offering advice The CARE (Crises, Assessment, Referral, and Evaluation) Centre helps the students in handling their unusual behaviors. So, it prevents students from harmful activities like drugs or alcohol addiction. The team of experts guides the students, and if needed, they contact their family to be a part of it as well. So, they work for the welfare and safety of the students who are a part of this university. Furthermore, the team at CARE does not cater to emergencies, so it is better to take appointments before arriving at the centre.


All the centres are under the complete approach for the students enrolled in the university. So, visit them to the office or call them on 508.531.1331 to set up the appointment. Along with this, you can also send in the fax at 508.531.6173. Bridgewater State University keeps the health and safety of students as their utmost priority. So, It is their responsibility to cater to the needs of students instantly with the designated centres.


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