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Cafes and Restaurants near or at Bridgewater State University

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Mariam Jabeen

For the ease and suitability of the students and the faculty, many dining areas and college cafes are present within the Bridgewater State University campus. Thus, the students can purchase the meals whenever they are free from their classes or want to grab a quick bite on their go. They can even schedule a study discussion in these dining areas as their environment is peaceful and quiet. So let us have a look at some of the college cafes and restaurants near campus:

1. East Campus Commons

2 women having lunch

This dining hall at the University’s East campus contains a variety of food stalls and convenient meal deals. If the students purchase the deal, they can fill their tummies with a hearty lunch, dinner or breakfast at an affordable price. Mostly these food stations offer A La Carte options from menu cards. Moreover, the meal deal contains one main entrée and four choices of sidelines and drinks to choose from.

2. Bear’s Den

Inside of Bear's Den

This place also offers comprehensive eating options. The much-renowned food chain is of Dunkin Donuts which is a favorite munching snack of every other student. Many students like to complement their donuts with hot coffee. In this way, ample amount of energy pumps in their brain. The food stations at the Bear’s Den offers yummy Grill food which is light and favorite of a majority of the students in the campus.

3. Crimson dining hall

3 students sitting in the dining hall

At the Crimson dining hall, the students can experience the joy of food court dining. All forms of appealing dining options are present. They include oven brick flat-bread pizzas, made to order pasta, freshly prepared grille food and on the spot deli sandwiches. At this dining place, the students get to consume light food that makes them more energetic and fulfills their overwhelming hunger.

4. Flippin’ Burgers

Inside of Flippin’ Burgers

The restaurant is just 0.2 miles away from the university campus. The place offers the best burgers and crispy fries in the whole neighborhood. Furthermore, the place closes a late which means that students can plan their late night hangouts there. With yummy shakes, icy drinks and frozen yogurts students never leave the place with broad smiles on their faces.

5. My Sister and I restaurant

People are sitting in the restaurant

This place is most famous for its tantalizing breakfasts. The ambiance is mostly quiet and peaceful. That is why the students normally choose this place for quite discussions and absorbing reading. The much-loved breakfast options among the college students are traditional poached eggs and bacon, grilled blueberry muffins and fries. On the whole, the food is simple, affordable and up to the mark.

6. The Better Bean Coffee Company

Front of the Better Beam Coffee Company

This place is famous for its freshly brewed coffee and a quiet ambiance. The seating is cozy and comfortable so that the students can relax while sipping their hot beverages and work on their laptops. The place is open even at late night because normally the students gather for late night studying or discussion. Therefore, invigorating coffee options and freshly baked and grilled food would make their studying easier and appealing.

7. Just Desserts

Desserts in the showcase

Those university students who want to satisfy their sweet tooth or take a break from their ongoing classes must visit this place. The place offers the finest quality cupcakes, muffins and an amazing range of desserts. Moreover, many university students also order the birthdays or special occasion cakes from this place. It is because, with the special preparation of these cakes, these moments also become special. However, the restaurant is a little over-priced.

These restaurants near campus are present only 0.3 miles away from the University. This means that through convenient walking or drive the students can relax and study in their welcoming environment by enjoying the tasty food.


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