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Top 5 Professors at Bridgewater State University

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Lilian Shnir
Bridgewater State University is the largest college in Massachusetts, allowing students to form almost infinite connections in the shape of alumni and friendships. It allows students the opportunities to explore their career and major options without the fear of the incredible debt many colleges of similar standing will push, due to its phenomenal price point. [Also popular: How To Build Effective Student-Professor Relationships For Better Grades and Careers Guidance] Here are some of the teachers that help make this university one of the most valued in the US.

1) Benjamin Carson

Professor of English at BSU Rating: 96% Department: English Courses Taught by Professor Carson:  ENGL 234 - Learn More ENGL 315 - Learn More ENGL 565 - Learn More Student Reviews of Professor: “Dr. Carson is wicked funny and understandable. He truly cares about his students and wants them to succeed. His lectures are always so engaging and fun.” “Dr. Carson is the nicest professor I have ever had. He is so understanding and helpful. He also talks a lot, so class usually goes by faster, which was super helpful for this 2 hour and 40-minute senior seminar. He's great. Definitely take a class with him. ” “Dr. Carson is one of the best teachers I've ever had. His lectures and the class discussions are inspiring and his enthusiasm about the topic makes students want to learn more. Although the subject of the class wasn't really something that interested me at the beginning of the semester, Dr. Carson made class interesting and fun.”

2) Jeffrey Nicholas

Professor of Psychology at BSU Rating: 94% Department: Psychology Courses Taught by Professor Nicholas: PSYC 100 - Learn More PSYC 201 - Learn More PSYC 313 - Learn More Student Reviews of Professor:

“Professor Nicholas is one of the best professors at BSU! He's extremely helpful and will go out of his way to make sure that you understand the material.”

“Dr. Nicholas is definitely one of the best professors at Bridgewater! Stats is not the easiest to understand but his teaching techniques make it doable.” “I HIGHLY recommend this professor! I was insanely nervous about going into a statistics class considering I don't pick up on math very easily, but Nicholas makes the class so uplifting and fun and very easy to understand!

3) Robert Burns

Professor of Communications at BSU Rating: 94% Department: Communications Courses Taught by Professor Burns:  COMM 102 - Learn More Student Reviews of Professor:

“Professor Burns is an incredible professor. He wants nothing more than for his students to succeed. If you are nervous about taking a public speaking course, he is the one to take it with.”

“My best teacher so far! I cannot believe I loved his course because I dreaded taking it, but now that I am finishing I can honestly say it is the one class I grew in. I was afraid of taking it, but learned so much and gained my voice and I can put an effective speech together!” “Great Professor! Great course! Great experience!

4) Lisa Coole

Professor of Criminal Justice at BSU Rating: 98% Department: Criminal Justice Courses Taught by Professor Coole:  SOCI 228 - Learn More SOCI 203 - Learn More Student Reviews of Professor:

“She made the material very easy to understand and clarified anything that we needed help with and she also gave us examples from real life experiences. I really love her test style also.”

“Professor Coole is the best professor I've had. She is very well educated on the subject and her lectures are never boring. As long as you study you will get an A. She is also willing to help students as much as she can.” “Lisa is so nice and helpful, you have to be very lazy to not pass this class. She gives you every opportunity to do really well. The material is also really interesting because she relates it to your life really well.

5) Leonid Heretz

Professor of History at BSU Rating: 86% Department: History Courses Taught by Professor Heretz: HIST 434 - Learn More HIST 429 - Learn More HIST 396 - Learn More Student Reviews of Professor:

“Wasn't sure I'd like him at first but ended up loving him. Lectures the entire class but I have yet to find it to be boring. This class is the first history class in my life that I actually found interesting. Has the most lowkey sense of humor it's awesome. Hope I can take him again.”

“Heretz is a sweetheart, all he wants is for his students to pass. If you go to class and just listen and take good notes you will be fine!” “I highly recommend taking Professor Heretz. He makes history easier to follow by sticking to a number of key terms and points, and he's lenient on tests and quizzes. If you show up to class, you won't have any trouble. I found his background and items from the time periods we discussed in class to be interesting.

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at Bridgewater State University

1) Research Project by Professor Martina Arndt

Professor of Physics at BSU Faculty: Physics Professor Arndt’s research interests include solar physics and traveling the world observing solar eclipses, as well as leading students on projects ranging from solar physics (funded by NSF) to variable stars (funded by the Adrian Tinsley Program) to exoplanets (funded by NASA Space Grants).

2) Research Project by Professor Michael Jones

Professor of Economics at BSU Faculty: Economics Professor Jones’s teaching and research interests include undergraduate statistics, programming, econometrics, economic experiments, and microeconomics. He has designed a course to give analysts the programming skills necessary to manipulate large data sets known as “big data” and perform multivariate regressions. His research within the area of experimental economics includes individual behavior in markets, charitable giving, altruism, asymmetric information, and tax compliance.

3) Research Project by Professor Edward Brush

Professor of Chemistry at BSU Faculty: Chemical Sciences The research interests of Professor Brush have been led by his mentoring of over thirty research students at Bridgewater State University. His "bioorganic team" is synthesizing simple organic compounds as potential therapeutic agents, whilst The "energy team" is investigating efficient methods to produce BSC biodiesel.

4) Research Project by Professor Michael Black

Professor of Computer Science at BSU Faculty: Computer Science
The research of Professor Michael Black focuses in particular on microprocessor design that he uses as he develops software for teaching computer hardware and operating systems to undergraduate students.

5) Research Project by Professor Gal Kober

Professor of Philosophy at BSU
Faculty: Philosophy
Professor Kober's research in applied ethics is centered on environmental and biomedical issues. She looks at the intersection of medicine and ritual, medical tourism, and organ markets. Professor Kober is also interested in scientific classification, the function of language in science, and the emotional origins of ethical positions.
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