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Top 10 Bridgewater State Buildings You Need to Know

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April Ann Quiñones
Located in Massachusetts, the Bridgewater State University is considered to be one of the biggest and oldest schools in the United States. It’s a widely acclaimed and respected university in the area and is home to a comprehensive range of degree programs for all types of students. Bridgewater State University has a lot of surrounding buildings. Here’s what you need to know about some of them:

1. Boyden Hall

This is where the main offices are located. Here, you can find the President and VP’s offices, the registrar’s office, admin’s department, and the like. The building also has a few classrooms, and the Information Technology Department is situated here. A side view of the grand Boyden Hall Building

2. The Art Center

It was once the university’s gymnasium. However, in 1974, it was converted into an art center. Although currently, it’s a building for art galleries, it still got the indoor track on the second floor. It houses the Anderson Gallery and the Art Department.

3. Clement C. Maxwell Library

The building was named after the former president and has a huge collection of books, music, and videos. Aside from classrooms, it also has a museum located on the third floor. The four-story Library made out of cement and brick

4. The Adrian Rondileau Campus Center

Just within the area of the Boyden park, this campus center contains a myriad of rooms including a ballroom space, conference areas, computer labs, dining rooms, and a cafeteria. A lot of student and state departments are situated here such as the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, the Center for Multicultural and International Affairs, the Student Government Association, and the like. Front view of the Adrian Campus Center

5. The Bridgewater State University Auditorium

The auditorium is an extension of the RCC building. The structure has a roomy area that could hold a huge number of people. Below the auditorium are multiple offices, classrooms, and other state departments. An image into an auditorium

6. The Marshall Conant Science Center

The building was named after one of the school’s principals and is the largest building in the campus. The science departments are found here. Surrounding the vicinity is a park, a greenhouse, and a memorial area. It also has an observatory on the topmost part of the building and a power plant and huge fields at the back part of the structure. The outside view of the Marshall Science Center on Park Street

7. Welcome Center

The two-story building can be seen at the side of Plymouth Street. Here, you can visit the school’s admission offices for the undergraduates and transfer students. This also where students can inquire about financial aids and the like. Side view of the Welcome Center located on Plymouth Street

8. John J. Kelly Gymnasium

This the main building for all athletic activities observed in the campus. Inside, various small and large gyms can be found. The building also has a swimming pool and classrooms from the School of Education. Outside view of the gymnasium just across the Maxwell Library.

9. The John Joseph Moakley Center for Technological Applications

The structure was named after John Joseph Moakley, a former United States Representative. In this building, students can access computer labs and a modernized auditorium. The Moakley Building is constructed in the Burrill Avenue.

10. The Adrian Tinsley Center

Named after Adrian Tinsley, the university’s former president, the building houses the school’s other gymnasiums. Some of the campus athletic activities are also held here. It also has a large fitness center, partitioning gyms, and a running track for active students in the campus. A huge grassy area just outside the Adrian Tinsley Center

Interesting Facts about Bridgewater State University

1. Train Stations

Because the school is so vast, the area has train stations built for traveling long distances. Bridgewater is just one of the few public universities in the United States to have stations inside the campus grounds. One of the stations in the campus

2. Student Radio Station (91.5 WBIM FM)

The campus has their own station, and it’s run by students. Students on the radio booth

3. Student-run Newspaper (The Comment)

They also have their own newspaper called The Comment. It has been established in 1927. Bridgewater newspaper headline

4. Biggest University in Massachusetts

This campus is one of the largest 4-year college universities in Massachusetts. They are the 10th in place. An aerial view of the campus grounds

5. Bridgewater Faculty

97% of the university’s faculty members have terminal or doctorate degrees. Faculties at opening day last 2014            


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