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Math Courses at Brigham Young University-Provo

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James Brandon

The faculty at the Department of Mathematics at Brigham Young University-Provo (BYU) is determined to provide students with the necessary resources to help them excel in the offered math programs. Just like Joseph Adams, a PhD graduate from BYU, many students have benefited from the math program offered at the institution. Below are some of the math courses that are found at Brigham Young.

1. MATH 111 - Trigonometry

The building housing the Department of Mathematics at BYU

This course discusses the concepts of trigonometry. Under the guidance of Leilani Fonbuena, students taking the course will cover topics like circular functions, triangle relationships, identities, inverse trig functions, trigonometric equations, vectors, complex numbers, and DeMoivre's Theorem among others. The course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a math major. The prerequisite for the course is Math 110 or equivalent.

2. MATH 118 - Finite Mathematics

Students solving a mathematical problem on a green board

Math 118 discusses various concepts related to finite mathematics. Instructed by Tara Lewis, some of the concepts discussed in the course include the Language of set theory, counting and combinations, probability theory, elementary stochastic processes, and conditional probabilities among others. Students that wish to pursue a math major are recommended to take this course whose prerequisite is Math 110.

3. MATH 213 - Elementary Linear Algebra

A student writing mathematical functions on  a paper

The basic concepts and application of linear algebra are discussed in this course. Before enrolling in this course, students are required to have completed Math 112. The course is instructed by Mark Kempton and covers various topics including linear systems, matrices, vectors and vector spaces, linear transformations, determinants, inner product spaces, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors. The course is applicable in professional fields like computer science, engineering, and physics.

4. MATH 290 - Fundamentals of Mathematics

Math lab at BYU

This course aims at helping students to achieve maturity in mathematical communication. Under the instructions of Drew Johnson, Students will explore topics like introduction to mathematical proof, methods of proof, analysis of proof, induction, and logical reasoning. The course is recommended for students that are transitioning to upper-level math courses. As a requirement to enroll in the course, students must complete Math 112.

5. MATH 314 - Calculus of Several Variables

A "Calculus of Several Variables" textbook cover

Instructed by Jasbir Chahal, this course explores the concepts and applications of multivariate calculus. Partial differentiation, the Jacobian matrix, and integral theorems of vector calculus are some of the topics discussed in the course. The concepts learned can be applied in engineering and economics fields. The prerequisite for the course is MATH 113.

6. MATH 320 - Algorithm Design and Optimization 1

An "Algorithm Design" textbook cover

MATH 320 discusses the design and optimization of the algorithms used to solve mathematical problems. Robert Snellman will guide students in exploring topics like complexity and data, approximation theory, recursive algorithms, linear optimization, unconstrained optimization, constrained optimization, and global optimization. To enroll in the course, students need to have credit in MATH 213, MATH 314, and MATH 341; or MATH 313, MATH 314, and MATH 341. The concepts learned in the course can be applied in engineering and physics fields.

7. MATH 334 - Ordinary Differential Equation

An "Ordinary Differential Equation" textbook cover

The concepts, methods, and theory of ordinary differential equations are discussed in this course. Instructed by Tuam Pham, the course is recommended for students majoring in mathematical and physical sciences and mathematical education. The prerequisite for this course is Math 113, Math 213, or Math 313. Engineering, physics, and chemistry-related majors are encouraged to take this course.

8. MATH 410 - Introduction to Numerical Methods

An "Introduction to Numerical Methods" textbook cover

This course introduces students to the concepts of numerical numbers. The course instructor, Sum Chow, will guide students in discussing topics like root finding, interpolation, curve fitting, numerical differentiation and integration, multiple integrals, and direct solvers for linear systems among others. The prerequisites to the course are MATH 314, CS 142, or equivalent. The concepts in the course apply in engineering and computer science fields.

9. MATH 485 - Mathematical Cryptography

A poster written mathematical cryptography

Taught by Darrin Doud, this course focuses on the mathematical approach to modern cryptography is discussed in this course. Students taking the course will learn the technical definitions and the methods used to solve mathematical and algorithmic problems related to cryptography. Students have to complete MATH 313 or MATH 213 before enrolling in the course. The concepts in the course apply in the cryptography field.

10. MATH 413 - Advanced Linear Algebra

An "Advanced Linear Algebra" textbook cover

The theory and advanced topics of linear algebra are the main discussions in this course. Students are required to complete MATH 213 or MATH 313 before enrolling in this course. The course is instructed by Curt Kent and can be applied in various professional fields including computer science, engineering, and physics.

Even though most students find math courses challenging, the available resources at BYU help them to succeed. The faculty of the Math department dedicate their time and skills to ensure that students complete and excel in their various study programs. For more info about the math courses offered at the institution, visit the official website.


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