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10 of the Easiest Classes at BYU

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Julia Ospina
Brigham Young University is a premier private college located in Provo, Utah. As a research university, there is definitely a high level of academic rigor in the classes at BYU. However, there are also plenty of easier courses that students can take to provide a boost to their GPA when needed. Here are some of the easiest course to consider taking!

1. IHUM101 - Introduction to the Humanities

Introduction to the Humanities is one of the most basic level classes available at Brigham Young University. The course focuses on the arts, studying its forms and cultural values, and the way to approach ancient artistic artifacts. This course is a surefire way to get an easy A.

2. MATH110 - College Algebra

MATH110 is the equivalent to most college algebra classes offered in high school nationwide. The class is meant to prepare students for higher level math classes such as calculus and statistics. The simple concepts covered in the classes include polynomials, functions, systems of equations and graphing.

3. PWS112 - Floral Design

This class is not only a GPA booster, but it can be very fun as well! Floral design focuses on the history and art of flower arrangements. Students who enroll in this class learn how to handle cut flowers and how to arrange them for both professional and domestic use.

4. SFL102 - Introduction to Interiors

Introduction to Interiors is  an interior design class to teach the principles of designing homes and buildings. Students enrolled in this course learn all about the vocabulary of architecture, how to assess the quality of a design, and how to design and decorate spaces. The class provides students an easy class that will also be useful in their private lives.

5. MUSIC101 - Introduction to Music

Introduction to Music is for students who do not know much of anything about music, master composers, or the mechanics of music. The class is still easy though for even those who do not know where to begin. Students in this class will learn about famous western composers as well as the concepts of music.

6. GEOG120 - Geography & World Affairs

Students in Geography & World Affairs study the physical geography of the world as well as current news. The global interconnectedness is studied and how humans impact the natural environment. This class is a great way for students to learn about their own impacts and role in the world while also boosting their GPA.

7. SFL110 - Food Preparation in the Home

Food Preparation in the Home is essentially a cooking and baking class. While this can present a challenge to some, learning the basics of cooking and baking is fairly easy.

8. COMMS239 - Intro to News Media

Intro to News Media is the course students take to learn about journalism. Those enrolled in COMMS239 study the importance of journalism in society, and they evaluate the philosophy and principles of journalism. The course is definitely an easy way for students to boost their grades when needed.

9. HIST201 - World Civilization to 1500

Ancient world history is easy simply because nearly every high school requires a class in it. Studying ancient Greece and the early Renaissance periods is something that every student can enjoy, because it is easy to do well at it!

10. SFL240 - Parenting & Child Guidance

Parenting & Child Guidance is one of the most unique classes offered at Brigham Young University. SFL240 focuses on developing the skills to parent children, and students in the course study the philosophies and theories on quality familial relationships. Students seeking an easy grade and timelessly useful information would greatly benefit from Parenting & Child Guidance.Brigham Young University is an exceptional research university located in Provo, Utah. The classes at Brigham Young can be incredibly difficult, but at the same time there are many classes that are easy 'fillers' in challenging schedules.


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