Introduction to Management Accounting 2P12

Instructor: Mr. Omar Roubi

Accounting plays a major role in every company. If you want to become e.g. a sales manager in the future, you need to understand how to asses the performance of your business. You need to comprehend which components influenced your results and what exactly falls into your responsibility. Understanding the basic concept of the cost structures will help you to understand your business operations.

1.The required book

The required book for this class was: Managerial Accounting by Weygandt, Kimmel, Keiso and Aly, John Wiley & Sons  Canada , 4th edition. The structure of the book makes it easy for the user to understand the content. Nevertheless, our instructor is going to publish his own managerial accounting book which he will use in future.

2. Wiley Plus Account

The textbook comes with an online support package called WileyPlus. In the textbook you have a registration code which can only be used once to register. Be aware of that if you buy an used book from another student you would have to pay separately online to get a Wiley Plus account, which costs roughly about 90CAD.

In this course all assignment need to be done online over WileyPlus. They are set up weekly – so don’t miss the deadline!

Additionally the quizzes are also provided through WileyPlus. In total we had 5 online quizzes this semester.

3. Problem solving – Practice 

In the end of each chapter are several problems to solidify your knowledge. The solutions of the most important problems are given by the instructor. It is very important that you can not only solve the problems, but also interpret the results and effects.

4. Classes

In general Mr. Roubi writes down important information and solve different problems on the blackboard. He tries to interact with the class all the time and you feel free to ask questions at any point. There is no class participation mark, but going to his classes is strongly recommended. Additionally, he uploads PowerPoints about each relevant chapter online.

5. Midterm Exam 

The midterm exam average was about 70%. The exam only had short answer questions and problems. The short answer questions can be from simply stating different things to explaining them. The problems were quite similar to the ones you will practice in class and within your assignments and quizzes.

6. Distribution of Grades

Assignments        10%

Quizzes                   10%

Group Project       15%

Midterm Exam     30%

Final Exam             35%

This class is not difficult, the hard part is to remember all the different concepts you have learned. Make sure that you write a good summary about each chapter and review these frequently.

“Don’t ever let your business get ahead of the financial side of your business. Accounting, accounting, accounting. Know your numbers.”              – Tilman J. Fertitta

Eva Biniasch

I am an exchange student from Germany. I love traveling and meeting new people.

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