You are interested in the Marketing Research class, but you don’t know what to expect and whether you will be able to manage it? Have a look, this is a summary of the most important facts to know about the class by Dr. Pauline Fu. Below are the 7 things you should know about the Marketing Research class:      

1.Background Knowledge

Don’t be scared that you don’t have enough background knowledge in marketing. This course analyses the marketing research process which can be described in 11 steps. During this course you will learn about the process and the different designs/ options you have.

2. Class Participation

At this course class participation counts 15%. It can be achieved by uploading the answers to a given question in the end of each class. If you attend the class you won’t have any problems submitting the answers. Additionally, you need to answer questions of each chapter in an online quiz. You have at least two tries to answer 20 multiple choice questions. No worries, after the first try, the answers (correct/wrong) will be shown. Another pretty easy way to get 100% on participation in this class.



Assignments are weighted 15% of the total grade. They are mostly small case studies which are not difficult and should take you only between 1-2 hours.

4. Exams

In this class you have two exams – 15% and 20% graded. The structure is the same as in the quizzes. You have 60 multiple choice questions, some of them are similar to the ones you have had in the quizzes, but some additional ones are also added.

Good to know: you are allowed to bring a double-sided computer written page into the exam.

5. Group Project

The group project is worth 35% of the final grade. It includes a final presentation of the results in the end of the semester. Your task is to do, as a group, your own market research about a topic you are interested in. You are supposed to analyze the problem step by step orientating at the marketing research process.

6. Computer room

A big advantage of this course is that it is located at the computer room, which makes it very convenient to check your e-mails or do other studies at the same time.

7. 2% Bonus

If you earn 2 research credits ( 2 hours), you get an 2% upgrade of your grade in the end of the semester ->

This course is definitely doable and you can easily achieve a good grade.

“Research is to see what everyone else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.” -Albert Szent – Gyorgyi


Eva Biniasch

I am an exchange student from Germany. I love traveling and meeting new people.

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