You would like to show your future employer that you are dedicated and motivated? You would like to get involved in Brock University activities? Then you should definitely do this offered Certificate of Success. The Certificate of Success program is offered for exchange and international students.

1. Requirements Certificate of Success

Completion of six workshops

Two workshops out of the six are mandatory workshops: Time Management & Academic Integrity. The other four workshops are elective, but you need to choose two academic-related workshops and two-career related. Examples of the academic- related workshops would be “Reach your goals”, “Get motivated” or “Get Gritty”. You can find all offered academic-related workshops here

The career-related workshops are only offered online and include topics like “resumé”,”interview skills”.As an exchange student you are not able to log into career service. Nevertheless, you could log in with a friends account or you could visit the career zone office. They can help you to log in and you can complete them just in their office. If you are an international student, you could log into you career zone account here

Voluntary hours

You need in total 8 voluntary hours. They don’t need to be Brock related, you just need to make sure that you get a certificate about it. The international services inform you weekly about on-going events and as well of different voluntary opportunities.Here are some other possibilities to find a voluntary opportunity

2. Time needed

If you are an exchange student, you would only have one/two semesters to meet all the requirements to get the certificate, but if you are an international for the entire studies, you could take more time to complete it.  It is definitely possible to complete it within one semester.In general each workshop takes about an hour.

3. Importance

The first thing an employer looks for on your resumé is your Canadian experience and how you got involved in the community. Experiences are very important and you should start to gain them as early as possible.  Brock  University and especially the career zone team helps you to find a job or a voluntary opportunity.

The certificate of Success Program can be added when you apply with your resume for a job. It shows that you take initiatives and that you have the motivation to learn. Additionally, you can gain positive attention with your completed volunteers jobs.

Eva Biniasch

I am an exchange student from Germany. I love traveling and meeting new people.

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