1. There is NO football team…so much for Homecoming?


If that traditional Homecoming football game is what you are looking for you won’t find it at Brock. Brock U traded in their football team dreams for something even better that may be the future of all sports…bubble soccer.

2. There is NOTHING beautiful about Brock University

Source: http://brocku.ca/brock-news/?p=10773

It is cement block after cement block. Whether you are attending a vendor fair at the pond inlet, walking through Jubilee Court in the fall or simply staring at some hot guys working out at the gym in south block there is always an amazing view on your way to class.

3. We have ZERO school spirit

How would stomping on grapes ever be fun? During September, Brock hosts the annual grape stomp to welcome the next generation. I really hope you have bleach because that grape juice will stain.

4. Brock is NOT enviornmentally friendly at all


When walking around Brock you may notice something weird, garbage cans with disposable liquid attachments or those refillable water stations located everywhere around campus. Who has time to bring a reusable water bottle when you can just keep wasting money on plastic ones? Does your school have a farmers market and a vegetable garden?

5. There is NOTHING to do around Brock U

Students at BrockU tend to get tired of going on hikes, seeing waterfalls, making trips to Niagara falls, Whirlpool Jet Boating, or even just swinging from the Tarzan rope in our Olympic size swimming pool.

6. You MIGHT encounter a snow day

Tragedy strikes again…you may not know this but the escarpment gets a lot of snow and I know it may be difficult to miss school for a day but I am sure you will survive.

7. All buildings are interconnected


Unfortunately for you, you may not be subjected to those horrible frost bites or have your eyebrows form icicles during the bitterly cold winter season. You may never get to experience the true Canadian winter…how tragic.

8. We have UGLY artwork and statues

You have probably seen that classic BrockU ad campaign where half your head is a different animal, machine, or it is you with a mask on. But what we are really known for is our classic wide receiver/Captain Morgan statue of the General (that’s Sir General Brock to you).

9. This Happened

Yes, that is Ryan Gosling with girlfriend Eva Mendes. Ryan’s mother Donna graduated from Brock U’s teachers college back in 2012. It was the graduation ceremony that put #brock on the map for a few days with all that buzz.

10. Summer School MEETS Harry Potter?

Why the hell would you want to go on a Harry Potter tour in Scotland? And study on top of that? Brock University offers tons of study abroad trips as well as exchanges. For all the Harry Potter fans out there this may lead you one step closer to finding Hogwarts or at least the Harry potter bridge that leads to Hogwarts.


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Posted by OneClass on Wednesday, August 12, 2015


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