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10 Things You Did Not Know About Brown University

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Nour Che
Brown University is one of America's most prominent universities attended by celebrities and politicians like John Kennedy and Emma Watson. What are some fun facts that you did not know about this place?

1. Say Goodbye to Core Curriculum

Brown students are in charge of their own education. They do not have to take any required core courses, except for the concentration courses.

2. So Much To Do

Every morning Brown sends you a Morning mail that tells you about all the activities (that mostly also involve food) happening on campus. You'll never get bored!

3. Pass Fail Whatever You Want

At Brown, there is no limit to how many courses you can pass and fail. You are in control of choosing how you'd like your course to be graded! PassFail

4. Cursed Gates

The Van Wickle Gates open twice a year: once for new students and another for graduating students. Legend says that if you pass those gates more than those two times you are cursed for life! BrownVWG

5. Friday the 13th

Brunonians celebrate a joke that started in 1929: every Friday the 13th, students honor a fictional professor, Josiah Carberry, who studied cracked pots. Students put money in jugs distributed all over the university and it goes to a fund in the professor's memory.

6. Spooky Organ

Brown is the home of the biggest remaining Hutchings Votey organ. Around Halloween, students gather around to listen to spooky music. Organ is also used for Christmas Celebrations

7. Super Old Library

The John Carter library acquired seven 15th century writings by the same dude who discovered America- Christopher Columbus.

8. It used to have a super long name

Brown, before being called Brown was called " The College in The English Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations". Nicholas Brown, super rich dude who owned plantations, donated 50,000$ to the university back when tuition was only 5 bucks.

9. Diversity Hub

Brown was the first Ivy that accepted all religious affiliations and racial backgrounds. You can still see the spirit of openness when you see the diverse student body!

10. Chancellor was Signer of Declaration of Independence

Stephen Hopkins, who was the first chancellor of the university was the governor of Rhode Island, smallest state in the U.S, and a signer of the famous Independence Declaration Brown is a unique university and an Ivy that is well-known for excelling for centuries. It is set in one of the most historical cities in the U.S and carries a long history of tradition and fun facts!


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