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Math Courses at Brown University

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Jennie Bachman

Located in Providence, Rhode Island, Brown University is a private research university offering various undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral. Through the Department of Mathematics at the institution, students are offered various math courses that will train them for any future math-related careers. One of the notable alumni from Brown's Department of Mathematics is Terrence George who graduated with a PhD in 2020. Below are some of the math courses offered at the institution

1. Math 0070 - Calculus with Applications to Social Sciences

The Department of Mathematics building at Brown

This is a one-semester course that introduces calculus to students that wish to learn the basics of calculus and its application to social sciences or for cultural appreciation. instructed by Alan Landman, some of the topics discussed in the course include functions, equations, graphs, exponentials and logarithms, differentiation, integration, and applications such as marginal analysis among others. The course can be taken by any students pursuing a social science program.

2. Math 0180 - Intermediate Calculus

A group of students in a math class at Brown

This course discusses various intermediate calculus concepts including three-dimensional analytic geometry, differential and integral calculus of functions of two or three variables, partial derivatives, multiple integrals, and Green's Theorem among others. The course instructed by Daniel Katz is applicable can be applied in various fields including engineering, architecture, and economics. The prerequisite for this course is Math 0100 or 0170.

3. Math 0520 -Linear Algebra

A math professor explaining a math problem to a student on a white board

This course taught by Jordan Kostiuk exposes students to various topics in linear algebra. Some of the topics tackled in the course include vector spaces, linear transformations, matrices, systems of linear equations, bases, projections, rotations, determinants, and inner products. The concepts in the course can be applied in various fields such as economics and in biological and physical sciences. To enroll in this course, students need to successfully complete MA 0100, MA 0170, or MA 0190.

4. Math 1060 - Differential Geometry

A group of female math students at Brown

Taught by Georgios Daskalopoulos, this course involves the study of curves and surfaces in 2- and 3-dimensional Euclidean space while using the techniques of differential and integral calculus and linear algebra. To enroll in the course, students must earn satisfactory grades in MA 0180, MA 0200, or MA 0350; and MA 0520 or MA 0540. The concepts learned in the course can be used in engineering, physics, econometrics, and biology-related fields.

5. Math 1110 - Ordinary Differential Equations

A professor and students in a math class

In this course, the concepts of Ordinary differential equations are discussed by exploring various related topics. The topics include existence and uniqueness theorems, the theory of linear systems, stability theory, the study of singularities, and boundary value problems. The course taught byBenoît Pausader can be applied in various professional fields including engineering, biology, chemistry, and physics. The prerequisites for this course include MA 0180, MA 0200, or MA 0350.

6. Math 1130 -Functions of Several Variables

A professor instructing a math class full of students

Students taking this course will discuss various topics and concepts related to the functions of multiple variables. Some of the main topics discussed include differential forms, integration, Stokes' formula on manifolds, and their applications to geometrical and physical problems. It is a requirement that students take a 100-level course in analysis before enrolling in MA 1130. The course is instructed by Nicos Kapouleas and is applicable in medicine and engineering fields.

7. Math 1260 - Complex Analysis

A Complex Analysis textbook cover

Instructed by Thomas Goodwillie, this course explores concepts and topics related to complex variables. Some of the topics discussed in the course include complex differentiability, Cauchy-Riemann differential equations, contour integration, residue calculus, harmonic functions, and geometric properties of complex mappings among others. To enroll in this course students must satisfy requirements in MA 0180, MA 0200, or MA 0350. Students taking the course can explore careers in statistics, computer science, engineering, and biology-related fields.

8. Math 1410 - Topology

A professor instructing a math class

This course instructed by Bena Tshishiku discusses fundamental concepts in mathematical topology. Students taking the course will discuss various topics including Topology of Euclidean spaces, winding number and applications, knot theory, the fundamental group, and covering spaces among others. Students need to complete MA 0180, MA 0200, or MA 0350 before enrolling in the course.

9. Math 1610 - Probability

A poster written Probability

The concepts and applications of probability will be discussed in this course. Students will, through the guidance of Olya Mandelshtam, be exposed to various topics including basic probability theory, ample spaces, random variables, Poisson distributions, and limit theorems among others. The course can be applied in various fields including biology, physics, and engineering. MA 0180, MA 0200, or MA 0350 are the prerequisites for this course.

10. Math 1530 - Abstract Algebra

An "Abstract Algebra" textbook cover

The principles and concepts of modern abstract algebra are introduced in this course. Instructed by Joseph H. Silverman, the course covers various topics including groups, rings, and fields while emphasizing their applications to number theory, the theory of equations, and geometry. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in mathematics. The concepts learned in the course can be applied in professional fields like computer science, economics, engineering, and physics.

These are just a few of the math courses offered by the Department of Mathematics at Brown University. More information about other math courses can be found on the institution’s website. Potential math students are advised to go through all the available courses before choosing the courses to enroll in.


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