Are you a psychology major? Are you looking for interesting courses to take this next upcoming Spring 2018 round? Check out those ideas for those classes!

1. CLPS 0050J- Psychology of Creativity

Ever thought about the relationships between the science behind creativity? what does it take to be creative? This course is a first year seminar that will answer these questions. Students will learn to be mindful of the role of creativity in their everyday lives.


2. CLPS 0050A- Computing as Done in Brains and Computers

As a psychology major, do you wonder about the resemblance between the brain and computer softwares? The class will discuss the software and the hardware of brains and computers. It  will also introduce you to the way brains are organized, the way computers are organized, and why they are good at such different things.

3. CLPS 0120- Introduction to Sleep

Remember to zzzzz.  Sleep is one of the most important human needs that rejuvenates the brain. It also affects your behavior in your daily life! This course will answer questions like “How is sleep measured and defined? How does sleep differ across species? What accounts for the timing of sleep? How does sleep change with age? What are the behavioral, physiological, and cognitive concomitants of different states of sleep? How can dreaming be understood? What can go wrong with sleep?”. Take it and remember to count sleeping hours!

4. CLPS 0010- Mind, Brain and Behavior: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Are you interested in weaving disciplines that help you understand the mind? This course will give you many lens to look from: the lens of psychology, cognition, and  neuroscience, as well as computational modeling and linguistics. You will be able to answer : What is the nature of the human mind? How do we get input from the world? How do we communicate? How do we change as infants and adults through experience? How do we make decisions and judgments? How do minds meet other minds in a social world? You will also be able to look at those questions from different perspectives.

5. CLPS 0220- Making Decisions

Every day of your life, for the rest of your life, you need to be making decisions. This course will show you decision-making processes . It will tap into psychology and consumerism, as well as risky choice in gambling and lottery. Make a good decision and understand your decision-making skills!


Spring 2018 is coming after the holidays, make sure you pick courses you might actually enjoy! The Psychology department at Brown is well-rounded and provides classes that are hard to find in other schools.

Fatou Che

Neuroscience and Psychology nerd working in research. loves to cook, listen to people rant about their lives, make weird music, and asparagus.

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