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Cool Professors to Meet at Brown University

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Nour Che
Brown is one of the most prestigious institutions in the US, so no wonder that it hosts the most talented professors and thinkers. In fact, five professors at Brown made it to  The Princeton Review’s 2012 edition of “The Best 300 Professors”. Here are some cool professors to meet at Brown and talk to!

1- Michael Kosterlitz

Ever thought you could be sitting  in the same room as a Nobel Laureate? Dr. Kosterlitz won the Nobel Prize for "theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter”, which is a fancy way of saying that he is very smart and that his work changed the way we think about matter.

2-Barrett Hazeltine

He was Professor of Engineering and is now Professor Emeritus but continues to teach at Brown. His research interests are in engineering management, tech planning in developing countries, and teaching tech to undergrads. He is known for his infamous “Hazeltine Handshake,” a method he uses to encourage discussion in his larger classes.

3- Willoughby Britton

Ever heard that meditation can have adverse effects? Dr. Willoughby Britton's unusual research focuses on meditation and its clinical effects on patients suffering from depression and anxiety. She speaks in conferences around the world about her research in mindfulness and her research has had international appeal.

4- Joseph Pucci

Are you into medieval tales? Professor Pucci teaches Classics in both  Medieval Studies and Comparative Literature programs at Brown. He teaches  courses on Latin language as well as  medieval literature. He has published nearly 70 articles, book chapters, and book reviews on Latin literary culture, and is the author, co-author, editor or co-editor of six books! If you are a comp lit nerd, then you should meet him!

5- Daniel Stupar

Are you into modern art? Stupar's work will put you in cosmic awe. His art explores symbols that are present in different cultures, and that indicate transcendence.  Taking his class or meeting him will be an inspiring interaction about visual arts. With you time at Brown, make sure to pick your classes wisely, but also to meet with cool professors while you are here! Say hello, go to office hours, and engage in meaningful conversations!  


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