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7 Spots to Work and Concentrate around Brown

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Nour Che
Being around Brown will require that you are a hard working student who will need to leave the dorm or the library from time to time. Here are 7 ideas for places to go and concentrate and get your work done!

1- Teas and Javas on Wayland

This coffee shop has good pastry and lunch or dinner options and free wifi. Bring your laptop and sit there for as much as you need to. You will notice that this place is visited by many young professionals to do work. Wayland square is one of the most quiet and residential spaces in Providence, and working there will get you away from the crowded student streets vibe. Image result for teas and javas  

2- Blue State Coffee

Blue State has two locations around Brown. One of them is at the bookstore. You may sit there, surrounded by the beauty of the bookstore while sipping your coffee and concentrating on your work. The other location on Thayer street is bigger and has more seating options. The only downside is that it is not very cheap for the quality of the location you are getting. Image result for blue state coffee brown  

3- The Sci-Li.

No, this is not something that comes from a vampire story or a SciFi movie. The Sci-Li is short for Science Library. The Sci-Li has many rooms, that contain different noise levels to your taste! If you are into medium levels, go to the lounge on the first floor, but if you are into complete silence, you may need to use the rooms on the upper floor, or sit at one of the desks near all the old books. Image result for the sci li  

4- Chilling in Faunce

Faunce building has a lower level where there is a pool , with many couches and tables. If you need a low-key scene where people around you are playing pool and quietly chatting, then Faunce is your to go place. Image result for faunce brown pool  

5-Small Point Cafe

Small point Cafe in Downtown will provide you with a chill vibe to study, not to mention that the windows there are huge to allow a good amount of sunlight. The place is mostly visited by creative RISD students who are all artists, so you will also get to see artsy people with beautiful colored outfits walking in and out all the time, and drawing right next to you. Time to relax! Image result for small point cafe

6- The Grass

The green field at Brown has outlets hidden inside the old torches. So that you can plug in your outlets and computers and work on the grass. This activity is especially fun in the summer, when everyone is out and recovering from the harshness of the winter. Image result for main green brown  

7- TeaLuxe

TeaLuxe has two locations: one is for Brown and the Other for Harvard. this tea spot has more than 50 different options for tea you can choose from, from exotic leaves to teas from India and China. Going there will allow you to get a quiet, low-light working space to concentrate and fuel. Image result for tealuxe brown   Finding spots to work around Brown can be difficult given that the student body is huge. Providence has many resources to give you and the more you explore, the more you will find more hidden gems!


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