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5 Types of Students and their Corresponding Outfits at Brown

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Nour Che
Brown is a highly diverse university where you will find various types of people coming from all over the U.S. and the world. You will also find a Liberal community that embraces all kinds of people, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations. You will notice many types of people and students who talk differently, walk differently, and wear differently. Here is a list of 5 types of people you might encounter here.

1-The Ivy History Intellectuals

The Intellectual roams around campus and is always thoughtful about the next top issues. This happens especially when you meet people in Academia who will look at the world from the lens of what they are studying. They often wear round glasses and not so shiny colors that fit with the old-books-and-Bob-Dylan vibe they have going on. They have probably not commuted to 2017 yet. Image result for the intellectual  

2-The Liberals

Brown is a mostly Liberal university, not to say that there are not students here who adopt a more conservative look of things. Liberals usually carry a chill vibe and are always discussing politics, ranting on the current situations and reading political books at Blue State coffee shop. Liberals wear all sorts of colors, and Blue, of course is a top hit! Jeans and t-shirts and shirts and hats with Millenial hashtags are indeed a must in their outfits. Image result for the liberal outfit  

3-The Social Justice Warrior

Brown hosts diverse communities and is a home for various social justice groups. You will notice the fervor, the passion and the anger about certain injustices and oppressions that are trying to move for further social change. Outfits include bright colors, big words written on shirts, beautiful non conventional hairstyles and a wonderful embrace of different cultures. Make up is also a must with black eyeliners, dark lipstick and cool jewelry. Image result for social justice warrior outfit  

4-The Artsy

The Artsy is a type of students who are highly immersed in their art. Creativity has no limits for these students and you will indeed see that in what they choose to wear. Uncoordinated colors as statements, beautiful tattoos, usually black boots or shoes and makeup that accentuates the facial features. Artists around Brown make social and philosophical statements with what they wear. Image result for the artsy outfit  

5-The Scientist

No, this is not your scientist from the Coldplay CD. Scientists around Brown are bright students who are focused on various projects in the medical and research fields. Scientists around here are highly absorbed in what they do, that they do not care much about what they wear. Simple jeans and a shirt suffice most of the time, as long as the intellectually stimulating discussion is all that matters. Image result for jean and shirt old man   You will find many types of students around Brown, and this is not meant to stereotype or categorize all the students. You will notice the different vibes from different people and realize how diverse and embracing this place is. At the end of the day, in an individualist society, what you wear gives off what you are trying to say to the world and is considered a statement of who you wish to be.


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